Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

This weekend's camping trip gave me something to add to the list of things Maddie & Mari shouldn't do: Taking your first mountain biking trip at an elevation 2000 ft higher than what you're used to.

Okay, so clearly I didn't get beat up too bad by the mountains but it was not at all easy, especially the breathing! I loved the burn and struggle my body felt while climbing up some good sized hills. It was the downhills that scared me. Thankfully we made it back safe and sound and super sweaty, as you can tell in my picture. After a lunch of deli meats and veggies, we took a nice long nap and woke up recharged and ready to head out for a trail run. Unfortunately, a lot of the trails we wanted to take were closed down due to the fire warnings that were issued this past weekend and we had to make do with private roads that were still open. Sunday morning we woke up and went out for another mountain bike ride and saw a fire in the nearby hills. After chatting with Jay's uncle (who lives in the area where we were camping) we raced back to the camp, packed up and hauled it out of there. We had to forgo the showers we were so looking forward to, but it was better to be safe. It was scary to see such a huge fire up close (even though we were a mile away, it felt too close) and many fire trucks and crews heading up the mountain as we were leaving - I hope they are able to contain it soon!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pictures Say it Better

Sunday included a great bike ride (with a great new route that does not have the possibility of pedestrian carnage), and time with my sister.

Monday I skipped my brick to spend time with my family (it's on the agenda for tomorrow instead).

Here are the pictures to recap.

Too much food and red wine was consumed tonight. It's time for bed.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stormy Saturday

Today was supposed to be a wash. The weather channel issued a thunderstorm warning and the softballs game I was going to watch was cancelled. I was prepared for a rather annoying day of weather.

Turns out, it's not bad. The sun has not made an appearance, but neither has the rain! I took advantage of it, and did some wandering around the city. I contemplated going to strength class this morning, but in my training plan today is a rest day...and I wanted to lay around with the hubs this morning. So I did. I definitely listened to my body and got the extra hours of sleep :)

I started my wandering at LuluLemon in the Prudential Center. My non-Welsh friend from Wales gave me a gift card for my bday, so I figure it was about time to cash it in! I got a new tanktop and this hoodie I've had my eye on for a while. I love shopping there and only wish I could afford everything in the store. And I always think it would be awesome to work there and wear workout clothes "to the office" everyday.

After a few more stops I hit up the Health and Fitness expo. It was happening at the convention center right next to the Pru, so I figured I'd stop in (I spent the day working at a convention in Boston yesterday, so I might as well go to another on my day off right?)

It was pleasantly crowded, but there wasn't too much to see. There were a lot of free screenings and some interactive booths. It was good to see people taking advantage of these things, especially when health care costs are so high. I didn't wait in line for anything, since I was just kind of browsing, but I did snag myself a free Lara bar, and walk through a giant brain.

Afterward, I wandered over to BerryLine. It's a fro-yo place they just opened on Newbury street. I've been to one of their other location before, but this was the first time I visited the one so conveniently located near my apartment. It's not one of those super amazing places where you add everything yourself and weigh it, but it was deliciously good. It was just the treat I'd been holding out for all week. I got Nutella (HECK YES!) fro-yo with strawberries and s'more bites. AMAZING.

I had a late breakfast (thanks to sleeping in) so this was my later lunch. I'm heading to a friends tonight for dinner and fireworks (some towns apparently don't know that the fourth isn't until next weekend) and I'm sure there will be some wonderful bbq goodness there. I love summer, even when it's not sunny (or warm).

Stayed tuned: tomorrow I'm going on a bike ride with friends! Riding is on my training plan for tomorrow so it worked out perfectly. Hopefully they don't mind that I'm such a novice!

Friday, June 24, 2011

H2O For The B-O-D-Y


I cannot believe how fast this week went by. So I tried to post 2 times this week and one day forgot my camera and I didn't want to blog another post without photos and the next day I forgot the green plug in to transfer photos from the SD card to the laptop. Fail! Sorry. To make up for it I do have a pretty lengthy and full of photos post for you!

Last Friday's secret date was a picnic + tickets to the Zoo Music. The ABQ Zoo does this amazing event every Friday night in the summer where they have a different band perform and everyone sets up their blankets, lawn chairs, picnics on the beautiful grassy area in front of the stage. Considering I'm on a diet and Jay is not, it was a little tough coming up with a fun picnic menu that we could both enjoy. Eventually, I came up with cool crisp veggies & hummus and adult lunchables (deli sliced turkey breast, roast beef and chicken breast) and some light Havarti. Yum!

Have you tried the La Croix waters? I have been seriously hooked on these things for about a year now, we even have a mini fridge in our garage that has to be restocked weekly! They are delicious, bubbly and have NO sodium, calories, sugar, etc. - just straight up naturally flavored water. I thought the orange and lemon were my favorites, until this week when I found the new flavor...COCONUT!!!! It is beyond amazing. A second trip to Target was made this week to buy more but our Target only had 1 box left!! I was rationing all week until I had time to visit another Target and bought their La Croix coconut water stock.I had an amazing full body circuit workout with my trainer on Wednesday. My legs are SO sore! We did squats, lunges, push-ups, crab walks! I'm still pretty nervous for the show but after an awesome workout like that and a great cardio session yesterday, I'm feeling the motivation that I was missing last week. My diet changed a lot this week- it is pretty tough but I'm holding to it. One of the big changes is that I have to drink 1 gallon of water a day. See this bottle I'm holding in the pic below?One gallon is 4 1/2 of those bottles!! Let me tell you, if I had a penny for every time my bladder sent me racing down the halls- well I'd have a dime (and it's only been one day so far!). By the way, my hair isn't THAT big, that's my pup lounging on the couch behind me.

My current food mission is to add protein to my morning oatmeal without it looking like this:

It tastes as bad as it looks. I'm not sure if it's the "frosty chocolate" protein or what. Maybe I'll eat the oatmeal separate and drink my protein with water?

It's interesting how much my tastes have changed with my diet. In the beginning, I thought organic almond butter tasted like the beach sand stuck in someone's bathing suit bottoms (not that I've eaten that but one could imagine) and now I love it! I actually look forward to eating it everyday and am a little sad my jar is now empty.Please ignore the messy hair- I didn't spend much time on it this morning because I'm going to the gym during lunch!

We're off to do some camping this weekend and I'll be making my first attempt at mountain biking- if I don't break my arms doing so, I'm sure I'll have a great post for you after it!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Triathlon Training Plan: Day 1

As I mentioned before, I've officially started my triathlon training plan to get ready for my very first tri on September 11th. It was supposed to be 13 weeks, but now it's 12, and today was Day One. It went pretty well. Today on the plan was a run and swim. Even though it's really nice out and an outdoor run would have been wonderful, I have yet to figure out where to run outside by work, and I needed the pool readily available after the run, so to the community center gym it was.

I busted out 25 minutes on the treadmill, then hopped into the pool for 20 minutes. I'm not good at keeping track of how many laps I've done, so I'm really glad this training plan is time based, not distance based. I really do love swimming.

Although I appreciate the convenience of the community center gym, I still don't like it. Mostly, I do not like being in a place where children are allowed. The ones in the locker room today were annoying, loud, and in my way. I prefer adult. So much.

After the gym I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some fruit for the week. Today stunk because we were SO short on our fruit supply, so I stocked up. I also grabbed an extra piece and a drink to refuel. I didn't think about how hungry I would be on the hour car ride home, so I'm glad the pit-stop happened. I would have never made it.

I came home to find the hubs had already made dinner, and all I had to do was sit down and enjoy it! It was the perfect end to today. I'm totally wiped out from the weekend. It was so tough.

Not really. :) I did a lot of sunning and spending time with Johnny and my sister. On Saturday (after strength training of course) we waiting with the millions of other people in the streets of Boston to see the Stanley Cup.

(Please note: my sister did not have any official Bruins gear, so she wore her only black and yellow shirt...her Boston Marathon shirt...yeah she's a marathoner. And a pharmacist. Don't worry, I wish I could be her too).

Turns out, I'm not so awesome, and brought the camera with the dead battery. I got one (really bad) picture of the parade/Bruins players/the Stanley Cup before my camera would no longer turn on. Even though this picture doesn't do it justice, it was awesome!

Brilliant photography skills, I know :)

After the parade we went down to see my gma. She took us out to the best place in my hometown for the best fish and chips in the world, and lobster rolls. I was stuffed and happy.

I spent most of the weekend in the sun and I have no tan to show for it. Thanks a lot, Dad, for the fair skin. I slathered on so much sunscreen it's amazing that I even got two more freckles (but I did get more than two I think). Speaking of my dad, I saw him for 15 minutes in the church parking lot on Sunday before he had to go to work. That's Father's Day at it's finest my friends.

And now another week begins. I get to go to another show in Boston on Friday for work, so that's helping me get through!

Friday, June 17, 2011


I'm so happy it's Friday. I know I've posted about my love of Friday before, but today I am especially happy to be done with the work week!

This week has been crazy. I had something to do every night after work, and I chose to put my social life before my fitness and food goals. Although I really enjoyed all the things that I did, I am not happy with all the choices I made.

The hubs and I had a chat about this tonight, and it's been on my mind for a while...basically since I got back from Chicago. I had a week of not being able to eat normally, and then this week, were I went out too much and had little time to exercise. I don't have balance in my life right now, and I need to even myself out. I need to prioritize my life, and honestly, fitness needs to be way at the top.

I have a triathlon in just 12 weeks! That seems like a long way away, but it's really not. Back when I signed up for the triathlon, I chose a 13 week training plan. I knew it would be enough time to get me where I want to be on race day without burning out. Well this was week 13 and I didn't do anything. MAJOR FAIL. So I've changed it to a 12 week training plan and I'm going to rock it.

Today, I did get out for a run. Not surprisingly, it sucked. I haven't booted up the Garmin and run since I was in Chicago. (For those of you counting, it's TWO WEEK AGO). My first mile was AWESOME. Fastest mile I've ever run actually, butttttt that was it. I was done. I managed to bang out another mile and a half, but there were some walk breaks involved, and it was just a hot mess. Here's the proof:

Sexy, I know. You know what else is sexy? This guy:

I bet you're asking, what on earth is that thing? A refrigerator? A car engine? A space ship? Nah...it's our new GIANT air conditioner. We got a sweet deal on this beast, so we couldn't pass it up. It's going to be interesting to get it into our window, but I'm pretty excited to have it. We've never had an AC before and we've dealt with some hot hot days here in Boston.

So here's to a better week, and a better balance!


Boy oh boy! This week has been busy!

There are a lot of things to do in order to get ready for the competition- booking hair, make up, tanning, bikini wax, finalizing outfits, etc. And of course I'm still weight training, doing cardio and prepping meals. I am not complaining, I'm just now realizing the full time committment that this new-to-me challenge requires. Every night this week, I have found myself waking up at night several times just thinking about the stresses at work. This then leads to me being tired and sluggish all day.

I have to be honest, this week has not been very good to me work out wise. I feel as though I've hit a plateau and am finding it hard to keep going. I don't know if it has anything to do with being tired but I didn't feel strong, happy or positive all week. Bummer. Has anyone gone through this with their own workouts? What do I do?? I've been updating my iPod and switching up my cardio routines but nothing has seemed to work just yet. I am challenged by this work out low.

Tonight I have a TOP SECRET date all planned out for Jay! He might read this post so I won't leak any of the details here but I'll share them with you later. I'm also going to visit my family in Texas for a few days, I'm looking forward to some good running, grilling and pool time. I sure hope a nice, relaxing weekend helps me recharge and come back ready to rock and roll.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Twitter, TJ's and an iPhone

Today I joined Twitter.

It feels so weird. I have avoided Twitter for a really long time. I never wanted to be on it. I understood the appeal of following people, but I never wanted to tweet. I still don't think I do. But having nothing else to read while at work today, I gave in and joined the ranks of the millions of users. You can follow me at @MaddieOgren. I'm sure I won't say anything more interesting that I do here...

Another thing I avoided for ever was an iPhone. I have nothing against iPhones, or Apple (I'm blogging from a Mac right now), but I never wanted a touch screen keyboard. I have an iPod Touch and I just didn't like the idea of having that for a phone. But then I got a second Blackberry for work...and my personal Blackberry started dying...and I started looking into iPhones. And now I want one. I can't get a new one because it's my work phone so I don't have an upgrade and a new iPhone would cost like a million dollars, so I'm currently trying to win some eBay bids on old ones. If anyone has an AT&T 3gs they're looking to get rid of, by all means, send it along my way!

Other than changing my mind on things today, I also went on a little date with my husband. It was super romantic. First, we went to the library to return one overdue book and pick up a book that was on hold for me. Then we went to the Apple store, then the AT&T store, and then the Verizon store. Like I said, super romantic. :)

We did have a great dinner at our favorite Thai place (I am obsessed with their beef noodle soup) and made a trip to Trader Joe's before coming home. I definitely had the most handsome shopping partner in the store (even if he wasn't excited to have his picture taken in the store).

It was a nice night, and I enjoyed walking around the city for a while...even though I was really limping...since I'm even more sore than I was yesterday...but right...it was great. And I came home to a new issue of Triathlete magazine in my mailbox! The BFF got me the subscription for my bday and it's definitely the gift that keeps on giving! I'm excited to read this one...once I tear myself away from eBay and bidding on iPhones...

Or maybe I should just go to bed since it's almost 11pm...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sore Legs and Gummy Bears

This weekend has been go go go! Friday after work, I got home, did a quick change, and was out the door for dinner. We were hoping to find seats at a place with outdoor seating, but since it was such a nice day we didn't have any luck. We ended up inside, but the food was still good! After waiting for the bus home for what felt like forever, the hubs and I made it home and crashed hard.

Saturday I was up and at 'em right away. I hit strength class followed by a 60 minute spin class. I brought my camera to document the sweaty event, but I of course didn't actually take any pictures. That's the theme for the weekend, fyi.

After the mega gym sessions, I shopped with my sister for a while, before coming home for a late lunch and making a cake for Pride. For the last three years, I've made a fabulous rainbow cake as my contribution to the party. I didn't take a picture, but this is the one I made last year...same idea this year :)

I went right from the party, over to the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK/BACKSTREET BOYS CONCERT!!!!! Although I didn't want to leave the party, the concert was amazing! Mark Walbergh introduced the bands, and I sang at the top of my lungs to all the sounds. I felt like I was 15 and swoony over boy bands all over again.

It ended up POURING rain, so I was soaked with a hoarse voice by the end of the night. I'm so glad I got the chance to go!

I was up again this morning for the NStar Walk for Children's Hospital. This is my third year participating in the event, and the third year that it has been raining! This year was a little rough because I dropped my keys, ID, and bank card at one point. Once I noticed I started back in the other direction. I found my keys and someone found my bank card and gave it to one of the volunteers, but my ID is gone. Oh well! That's the least important in my mind! It was a long 7+ miles, but I was happy to have been able to be a part of it again.

This weekend I asked my body to do a lot. I pushed myself hard, and now I'm enjoying some time relaxing with tea and gummy bears. I think at this point my body deserves it! I think I'll update iTunes while I'm at it too :)

I wish Monday wasn't tomorrow!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Greetings from Colorado!

I'm on a mini-vacay while Jay is up here for business (read: he is at meetings, I've been lounging by the pool). I thought it was going to be very difficult keeping up with my training program and diet while away from home but it hasn't been too bad. I typically find the gym at a resort to have one universal weight machine and a few treadmills, however, the gym at our resort is actually great! They have several cardio machines, a ton of free weights, machines, benches and exercise balls. It has been so nice being able to wake up late, do some morning cardio, eat my first meal and then go back to do my weight routine- no rushing like my usual routine at home. Jay and I have been able to go running before he sets out for his day of work stuff, I just love being able to sight-see while running. As for the diet, I have been so relieved to find items that fall into my eating plan- grilled chicken, fish, lean cuts of meat all with simple spices and little to no sauce. Thank goodness! To be safe, I did pack some of my go-to meals.

Time to go do some more exploring and cardio! Hope you are having a great weekend!

Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Friday, Friday, Friday!!

Thank you, Rebecca Black, for that inspiring title...

But yeah, obviously it's Friday! I'm excited for that. Really excited. After being away last weekend, and traveling almost every weekend for four weeks before that, I'm ready for a weekend at home. I've got a lot in the mix, including a pride party (it's Gay Pride Week here in Boston!) and a concert. No big deal...just the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK - BACKSTREET BOYS!!!! yayyyy. You know you're jealous.

In all honesty, I am an *NSync girl at heart. I saw them in concert three times and I still have all their songs on my ipod. But that does not mean I'm not super excited for some throwback boy band fun! Plus, it's an Fenway, so it doesn't get a whole lot better! (Well...it could only be better if the likes of Justin, Lance, JC, Joey and Chris were taking the stage instead....)

Annywayyyy. Back to the stuff this blog is really about. Food and fitness. My week since coming back from Chicago has not really consisted of either one. I went to spin class on Monday night, but I haven't worked out since. Not a good thing, I know, but I also haven't been eating much. I think the weird work/eat/sleep schedule I made in Chicago threw me off. My stomach has not been right, and I just haven't felt like eating much at all. (It's also disgustingly hot in Massachusetts right now, so that doesn't help). I'm hoping the cooler weather and a little more sleep this weekend helps straighten things out. I've also got a lot of exercise planned...strength class (yay!), spinning, a 7 mile walk for Children's Hospital, and yoga, so I should be right again in no time...hopefully...

Despite the weird habits this week, I did manage to eat some ice cream on Wednesday night! I went with my friends to the Scooper Bowl! It's a giant ice cream party that benefits the Jimmy Fund. It's $8 to get in, and you get as many ice cream samples as you want. It's wonderfully crowded and sticky, but we had fun.

Happy Friday y'all! :D

Monday, June 6, 2011

Posing Results

I survived my first posing class! I wobbled a few times but I did manage to stay off the ground for the entire hour long class. Whew! Our trainer showed us how to walk and pose, I'm so glad to know what exactly I need to work on (aside from just staying up on my two feet). I was so nervous on my drive to the gym but felt so much better once we started learning.

This weekend I needed to shop for a nice but not too fancy dress for a work dinner I'm going to be attending with Jay this week. This was such a chore! I did finally find this beauty...Not really... I did find two dresses at TJ Max but I'm not quite sure which one I'll wear.

Their is a fire burning in Arizona and we've actually been seeing a lot of the smoke here in Albuquerque the past few days. On Thursday evening after a trigger point massage Jay and I couldn't see very far ahead of us outside, we actually thought the fire was just a few miles from where were were! I hope they're able to get this fire put out soon.

I'm Back and June Goals

Yesterday morning I arrived home from Chicago. It was four days of working hard and playing hard. I was on my feet more and drank more since Wednesday than I have in the last three months (well...maybe not exactly, but it sure felt like it!)

I was delayed getting in to Chicago Wednesday night because there were tornadoes in Mass! So scary. They didn't come close to Boston (or the airplane I was stuck sitting on for two hours), but it was very close to my office, so I was worried for the people at my office. The storm was nasty, and we arrive two hours late to Chi-town.

Friday morning was the only time I got any real exercise. I found out that my hotel was just a few blocks from Lake Michigan, so I made my way over to their awesome bike path. I heard about it for the first time after so many bloggers mentioned running there during the Healthy Living Summit, and I couldn't wait to check it out myself. It was amazing! So many people were out and it was a really nice path. I'm not sure exactly how far I went because I couldn't get my Garmin to pick up satelites in the city, so I ran down to the water without turning it on. Then on my way back, I had to run under the highway and that threw everything off again. I think it was just over three miles though! I also wish I had some pictures! I cannot run with things in my hands, so I need to get a fanny pack or something cool like that so that I can run with my camera.

The next few days were kind of a blur. I was at the convention center a lot. I didn't eat for hours at a time (which is NOT how I usually roll), ate really late at night, and found myself drinking the stress of the day away. It was an AMAZING learning experience and I had an great time, but I was ready to come home and get back to my normal habits...like Monday night spin class!

June Goals

In May, I posted a few goals for the month. How did I do? Well, I did great with the first one...I did eat something different everyday for breakfast! It got interesting some days, but I managed to not repeat the same breakfast two days in a row! As for the other two goals...welllllll I didn't do as well. I only went to yoga twice all month. Both classes were great, but it only happened two times. And my TV was low for a while, but has spiked again. I blame it on season finales!

So what about June?

Well, first off, I will be trying again with yoga and TV. I missed the first Sunday yoga class because I was not functioning after getting back from Chicago, but the rest of the Sundays this month, I'm going to try to get to the community class. And I'm going to try with the TV...it's WAY too nice outside to spend it inside on the couch!

And my new goal for the month? Bring back the weights! I miss my strength training class and my defined muscles so much! I know how to fix the problem of sloppy looking muscles, so I need to get at it! It's going to take A LOT more work that I used to have to put in (aka I can't make it to the weight lifting class two times a week anymore, and therefore I may have to lifts weights on my own outside of a class), but I REALLY want my muscles back and better than ever, so let's hope for the best!

Now I'm off to bed. Sorry for the lack of pictures. The only pics I have from Chicago are from the exhibits, and legally I can't post those! Oh well!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Posing Practice

I have my first competition posing practice tomorrow. I'm so nervous, I really hope I don't remind everyone of Bambi learning to walk. I took a few laps around the house (don't worry, just indoors) in the heels yesterday. The last time I attempted to wear heels my dog barked and growled at me- I think I scared her. But this time, she was very patient and quietly trotted along my side as I practiced walking. This week I've also booked my spray tan appointment for the show and have started looking at competition outfits. This is all becoming so real, I love it!!

I snuck in a quick mid-day cardio break today. I was tried this morning and that workout was the perfect boost. Isn't it amazing how just 20-30 minutes of being active can completley change your mood? I was very excited to run today because our abroad reader, Lou, sent me some great songs for a workout playlist- I was so pumped and had a hard time controlling myself from dancing on the treadmill.

Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Heading Out!

Today I'm working from home because in a few hours I'm leaving to go to Chicago. I'm headed there for a business trip, and I'm really excited! I've only really been on one trip for work before (several years ago), so this should be fun. Apparently it's really hot there already, and it will be tons of work, but I'm ready for it!

Since I was granted the luxury of working from home today, I took my lunch hour to take spin class (no one at the home office cares if I come back to my desk all smelly). I went in my new shoes again, and turns out, they're not going to cut it for spin. Almost the entire class was in 3rd position and my foot hurt SO much. I had to stay seated for the last song and a half because my foot just couldn't take it any more. I came home and added peas right away (we don't do ice in this house!) since I'll be on my feet the next couple days, and I really don't want my arch to bother me then.

I whipped up a huge salad before I sat back down (to quickly write this and get a few things finished for work before I head out). I have to say, I really love eating salad for lunch, but it tastes better on a plate than in a Tupperware. I basically had the same ingredients I have every other day of the week, but it tastes better fresh from the fridge than having been pre-made.

My side is Trader Joes Crunchy Curls. They're potato and lentil curls and they made fantastic croutons. I could eat them by the bag full though.

Well I'm off. I'm hoping things will quiet down outside (I live on a busy street+construction+a million people moving because it's June 1st=LOUD office), so I can concentrate and bang this out before I head out! Happy trails!