Monday, June 13, 2011

Twitter, TJ's and an iPhone

Today I joined Twitter.

It feels so weird. I have avoided Twitter for a really long time. I never wanted to be on it. I understood the appeal of following people, but I never wanted to tweet. I still don't think I do. But having nothing else to read while at work today, I gave in and joined the ranks of the millions of users. You can follow me at @MaddieOgren. I'm sure I won't say anything more interesting that I do here...

Another thing I avoided for ever was an iPhone. I have nothing against iPhones, or Apple (I'm blogging from a Mac right now), but I never wanted a touch screen keyboard. I have an iPod Touch and I just didn't like the idea of having that for a phone. But then I got a second Blackberry for work...and my personal Blackberry started dying...and I started looking into iPhones. And now I want one. I can't get a new one because it's my work phone so I don't have an upgrade and a new iPhone would cost like a million dollars, so I'm currently trying to win some eBay bids on old ones. If anyone has an AT&T 3gs they're looking to get rid of, by all means, send it along my way!

Other than changing my mind on things today, I also went on a little date with my husband. It was super romantic. First, we went to the library to return one overdue book and pick up a book that was on hold for me. Then we went to the Apple store, then the AT&T store, and then the Verizon store. Like I said, super romantic. :)

We did have a great dinner at our favorite Thai place (I am obsessed with their beef noodle soup) and made a trip to Trader Joe's before coming home. I definitely had the most handsome shopping partner in the store (even if he wasn't excited to have his picture taken in the store).

It was a nice night, and I enjoyed walking around the city for a while...even though I was really limping...since I'm even more sore than I was yesterday...but was great. And I came home to a new issue of Triathlete magazine in my mailbox! The BFF got me the subscription for my bday and it's definitely the gift that keeps on giving! I'm excited to read this one...once I tear myself away from eBay and bidding on iPhones...

Or maybe I should just go to bed since it's almost 11pm...

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