Saturday, June 11, 2011


Greetings from Colorado!

I'm on a mini-vacay while Jay is up here for business (read: he is at meetings, I've been lounging by the pool). I thought it was going to be very difficult keeping up with my training program and diet while away from home but it hasn't been too bad. I typically find the gym at a resort to have one universal weight machine and a few treadmills, however, the gym at our resort is actually great! They have several cardio machines, a ton of free weights, machines, benches and exercise balls. It has been so nice being able to wake up late, do some morning cardio, eat my first meal and then go back to do my weight routine- no rushing like my usual routine at home. Jay and I have been able to go running before he sets out for his day of work stuff, I just love being able to sight-see while running. As for the diet, I have been so relieved to find items that fall into my eating plan- grilled chicken, fish, lean cuts of meat all with simple spices and little to no sauce. Thank goodness! To be safe, I did pack some of my go-to meals.

Time to go do some more exploring and cardio! Hope you are having a great weekend!

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