Monday, June 20, 2011

Triathlon Training Plan: Day 1

As I mentioned before, I've officially started my triathlon training plan to get ready for my very first tri on September 11th. It was supposed to be 13 weeks, but now it's 12, and today was Day One. It went pretty well. Today on the plan was a run and swim. Even though it's really nice out and an outdoor run would have been wonderful, I have yet to figure out where to run outside by work, and I needed the pool readily available after the run, so to the community center gym it was.

I busted out 25 minutes on the treadmill, then hopped into the pool for 20 minutes. I'm not good at keeping track of how many laps I've done, so I'm really glad this training plan is time based, not distance based. I really do love swimming.

Although I appreciate the convenience of the community center gym, I still don't like it. Mostly, I do not like being in a place where children are allowed. The ones in the locker room today were annoying, loud, and in my way. I prefer adult. So much.

After the gym I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some fruit for the week. Today stunk because we were SO short on our fruit supply, so I stocked up. I also grabbed an extra piece and a drink to refuel. I didn't think about how hungry I would be on the hour car ride home, so I'm glad the pit-stop happened. I would have never made it.

I came home to find the hubs had already made dinner, and all I had to do was sit down and enjoy it! It was the perfect end to today. I'm totally wiped out from the weekend. It was so tough.

Not really. :) I did a lot of sunning and spending time with Johnny and my sister. On Saturday (after strength training of course) we waiting with the millions of other people in the streets of Boston to see the Stanley Cup.

(Please note: my sister did not have any official Bruins gear, so she wore her only black and yellow shirt...her Boston Marathon shirt...yeah she's a marathoner. And a pharmacist. Don't worry, I wish I could be her too).

Turns out, I'm not so awesome, and brought the camera with the dead battery. I got one (really bad) picture of the parade/Bruins players/the Stanley Cup before my camera would no longer turn on. Even though this picture doesn't do it justice, it was awesome!

Brilliant photography skills, I know :)

After the parade we went down to see my gma. She took us out to the best place in my hometown for the best fish and chips in the world, and lobster rolls. I was stuffed and happy.

I spent most of the weekend in the sun and I have no tan to show for it. Thanks a lot, Dad, for the fair skin. I slathered on so much sunscreen it's amazing that I even got two more freckles (but I did get more than two I think). Speaking of my dad, I saw him for 15 minutes in the church parking lot on Sunday before he had to go to work. That's Father's Day at it's finest my friends.

And now another week begins. I get to go to another show in Boston on Friday for work, so that's helping me get through!

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