Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Heading Out!

Today I'm working from home because in a few hours I'm leaving to go to Chicago. I'm headed there for a business trip, and I'm really excited! I've only really been on one trip for work before (several years ago), so this should be fun. Apparently it's really hot there already, and it will be tons of work, but I'm ready for it!

Since I was granted the luxury of working from home today, I took my lunch hour to take spin class (no one at the home office cares if I come back to my desk all smelly). I went in my new shoes again, and turns out, they're not going to cut it for spin. Almost the entire class was in 3rd position and my foot hurt SO much. I had to stay seated for the last song and a half because my foot just couldn't take it any more. I came home and added peas right away (we don't do ice in this house!) since I'll be on my feet the next couple days, and I really don't want my arch to bother me then.

I whipped up a huge salad before I sat back down (to quickly write this and get a few things finished for work before I head out). I have to say, I really love eating salad for lunch, but it tastes better on a plate than in a Tupperware. I basically had the same ingredients I have every other day of the week, but it tastes better fresh from the fridge than having been pre-made.

My side is Trader Joes Crunchy Curls. They're potato and lentil curls and they made fantastic croutons. I could eat them by the bag full though.

Well I'm off. I'm hoping things will quiet down outside (I live on a busy street+construction+a million people moving because it's June 1st=LOUD office), so I can concentrate and bang this out before I head out! Happy trails!

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