Monday, June 6, 2011

Posing Results

I survived my first posing class! I wobbled a few times but I did manage to stay off the ground for the entire hour long class. Whew! Our trainer showed us how to walk and pose, I'm so glad to know what exactly I need to work on (aside from just staying up on my two feet). I was so nervous on my drive to the gym but felt so much better once we started learning.

This weekend I needed to shop for a nice but not too fancy dress for a work dinner I'm going to be attending with Jay this week. This was such a chore! I did finally find this beauty...Not really... I did find two dresses at TJ Max but I'm not quite sure which one I'll wear.

Their is a fire burning in Arizona and we've actually been seeing a lot of the smoke here in Albuquerque the past few days. On Thursday evening after a trigger point massage Jay and I couldn't see very far ahead of us outside, we actually thought the fire was just a few miles from where were were! I hope they're able to get this fire put out soon.

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