About Us

Hello, and welcome to our blog. We're bff (best friends forever...very Mean Girls of us, we know, but we love the title) and we're into bff...better food and fitness. We each have our own health and fitness stories (which you can read below), but we're both striving for better, healthier lifestyles, and use each other for inspiration and support even though we're millions of miles apart (ok, maybe not MILLIONS, but it sure feels like it sometimes) in Albuquerque and Boston. The cities we live in make the "A to B" part of our blog title, and healthy living is what we're striving for! Enjoy!

About Maddie...
  Hi Everyone! I'm Maddie. I'm not quite 30 and I live in Boston with my husband. We're both from Massachusetts, and we moved into Boston in 2008 after having lived in New Mexico and attending the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque (where I met Mari!) I have a crazy awesome job that required me to travel all over the world and I hate bologna. I used to be a pro at this healthy living stuff, and was a regular at the gym, but I fell off that wagon HARD when as my job got busier and I'm working hard to get back to it. Any food-related posts are most likely going to be something made by my husband. He's the chef in our house...I HATE chopping. I love being outside and I'm trying to love running and the gym again.

About Mari...

Hi! I’m a Texan that after 9 years just moved back from New Mexico along with my husband and our dog, Chaca. I love cooking, baking and creating new recipes with a New Mexican and/or Texan influence. I have been a competitive runner for most of the past 15+ years. After a couple of setbacks (knee surgery and an ankle injury) I’ve been less focused on the competitive part and more focused on learning how to get motivated. I’m finally regaining my love for running and developing a love for triathlons.

***DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors, dietitians, or fitness gurus. We're just two girls sharing our stories and our lives. Our opinions are ours and we're expressing those and those alone. This should be a place for ideas and motivation, but most definitely NOT a place for medical expertise***