Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goals for May

I said a few days ago that I would do a post about my goals in May. Well I've finally gotten around to it. I had every intention of it yesterday, but after sitting in traffic making my commute home a 2 hour one, and booking flights for 5 people all traveling to and from New Mexico on different days, AND trying to do some planning for my brother's graduation next weekend, there was definitely no blogging going to happen. But today is a new day and here we go!

I have three goals in May.

1. Eat something different for breakfast everyday. I mean I don't have to come up with a NEW breakfast everyday, but I can't eat the same thing two days in a row. I think I ate yogurt with bananas every morning in April. I like it, but I know that my body needs all different kinds of things to be healthy and happy, so I've got to keep changing! I've already done overnight oats!

2. Do yoga once every week. I do not stretch enough. AT ALL. And I know this. So I need to get myself into a yoga studio and stretch it all out. Tonight I went for a run and my legs felt horrible. I came home looking like this:

I know if I need a better job of loosening up my legs in between runs, my runs themselves would be better. None of the yoga classes at my gym work with my schedule, but there is a yoga studio with $5 community drop-in classes, so hopefully those work well for me! (and yes, my kitchen tiles are worse than my bathroom).

3. Watch less TV! Every night when I get home, I sit on the couch and blog and watch TV. We don't have a dining table in our apartment, so we sit on the couch at the coffee table and by default watch tv while we eat. We have a DVR, so even if we're not home to catch the shows we like, we always get to see them. And although I do not intend to stop watching House, Biggest Loser, America's Next Top Model, or the Office, there is no need for me to sit here and watch hockey games I don't care about, or bad reality tv. I've been reading the same book for MONTHS and I haven't finished yet because I watch to much TV. This month, it will be seriously limited!

(this is my dinner tonight on the coffee table. You can't see the TV, but it's there. I shut it off to take this picture because it was reflecting in my chocolate milk. And yes, I'm drinking it from a measuring's the easiest way to stick to portions!)

So hopefully I'll have a successful month, and hopefully these things will help push me in the right direction for other things. Most specifically, my weight loss. It has not really been any kind of loss since I started my new job, and I'm over it. Time to make positive changes and get back to seeing a smaller number on the scale every week. And little changes can make big differences, so I'm ready to see how these things help!

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