Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Friday, Friday, Friday!!

Thank you, Rebecca Black, for that inspiring title...

But yeah, obviously it's Friday! I'm excited for that. Really excited. After being away last weekend, and traveling almost every weekend for four weeks before that, I'm ready for a weekend at home. I've got a lot in the mix, including a pride party (it's Gay Pride Week here in Boston!) and a concert. No big deal...just the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK - BACKSTREET BOYS!!!! yayyyy. You know you're jealous.

In all honesty, I am an *NSync girl at heart. I saw them in concert three times and I still have all their songs on my ipod. But that does not mean I'm not super excited for some throwback boy band fun! Plus, it's an Fenway, so it doesn't get a whole lot better! ( could only be better if the likes of Justin, Lance, JC, Joey and Chris were taking the stage instead....)

Annywayyyy. Back to the stuff this blog is really about. Food and fitness. My week since coming back from Chicago has not really consisted of either one. I went to spin class on Monday night, but I haven't worked out since. Not a good thing, I know, but I also haven't been eating much. I think the weird work/eat/sleep schedule I made in Chicago threw me off. My stomach has not been right, and I just haven't felt like eating much at all. (It's also disgustingly hot in Massachusetts right now, so that doesn't help). I'm hoping the cooler weather and a little more sleep this weekend helps straighten things out. I've also got a lot of exercise planned...strength class (yay!), spinning, a 7 mile walk for Children's Hospital, and yoga, so I should be right again in no time...hopefully...

Despite the weird habits this week, I did manage to eat some ice cream on Wednesday night! I went with my friends to the Scooper Bowl! It's a giant ice cream party that benefits the Jimmy Fund. It's $8 to get in, and you get as many ice cream samples as you want. It's wonderfully crowded and sticky, but we had fun.

Happy Friday y'all! :D

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