Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stormy Saturday

Today was supposed to be a wash. The weather channel issued a thunderstorm warning and the softballs game I was going to watch was cancelled. I was prepared for a rather annoying day of weather.

Turns out, it's not bad. The sun has not made an appearance, but neither has the rain! I took advantage of it, and did some wandering around the city. I contemplated going to strength class this morning, but in my training plan today is a rest day...and I wanted to lay around with the hubs this morning. So I did. I definitely listened to my body and got the extra hours of sleep :)

I started my wandering at LuluLemon in the Prudential Center. My non-Welsh friend from Wales gave me a gift card for my bday, so I figure it was about time to cash it in! I got a new tanktop and this hoodie I've had my eye on for a while. I love shopping there and only wish I could afford everything in the store. And I always think it would be awesome to work there and wear workout clothes "to the office" everyday.

After a few more stops I hit up the Health and Fitness expo. It was happening at the convention center right next to the Pru, so I figured I'd stop in (I spent the day working at a convention in Boston yesterday, so I might as well go to another on my day off right?)

It was pleasantly crowded, but there wasn't too much to see. There were a lot of free screenings and some interactive booths. It was good to see people taking advantage of these things, especially when health care costs are so high. I didn't wait in line for anything, since I was just kind of browsing, but I did snag myself a free Lara bar, and walk through a giant brain.

Afterward, I wandered over to BerryLine. It's a fro-yo place they just opened on Newbury street. I've been to one of their other location before, but this was the first time I visited the one so conveniently located near my apartment. It's not one of those super amazing places where you add everything yourself and weigh it, but it was deliciously good. It was just the treat I'd been holding out for all week. I got Nutella (HECK YES!) fro-yo with strawberries and s'more bites. AMAZING.

I had a late breakfast (thanks to sleeping in) so this was my later lunch. I'm heading to a friends tonight for dinner and fireworks (some towns apparently don't know that the fourth isn't until next weekend) and I'm sure there will be some wonderful bbq goodness there. I love summer, even when it's not sunny (or warm).

Stayed tuned: tomorrow I'm going on a bike ride with friends! Riding is on my training plan for tomorrow so it worked out perfectly. Hopefully they don't mind that I'm such a novice!

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