Thursday, March 28, 2013

Goal Updates!

First I have to tell you about my fall. I went running on a Friday during lunch time at a park near my work. Everything was going pretty well and on my final lap I started to increase speed (work was super stressful and I was taking it out on my pace!) and before I knew it, my foot got caught on a large tree root and I fell. I landed with a big thud and loud gasp on my knees and my left hand. In all my years of running, I can only think of 1 other time when I fell while running and I was about 12 years old, so this surprised me. I started to do that nervous laughing/crying thing but got up, shook the dirt off my pants and finished my run, much more slowly. My knees, legs and hand were bruised and cut up. It really hurts and is a good reminder that I can’t be complacent, I need to stay on my toes (haha) because running can be dangerous.

My goal a few weeks ago was to book my appointment for a Locks of Love hair donation. I won’t lie, I was super nervous and even had to get a pep talk from the BFF. You can’t really see it in photos, but I did have purple highlights put in my hair, just to jazz it up…Here’s the new look!

It was a bittersweet way to honor my grandmother – she passed away not too long ago after a battle with cancer, I miss her every single day and I hope someone who may be fighting the same battle is able to smile when they get their wig.

About my new goals…I struggle in balancing my workouts. If I’m able to run, that’s my preference and that’s all I want to do. If I’m injured and can’t run, then I focus completely on weight training and neglect cardio. Recently, I’ve tried to integrate sets of push-ups and sit-ups but that really isn’t happening. That being said, my goals this week have been to take (and enjoy) 1 spin class and 1 strength training session (yoga, weights, etc.) in addition to my 2 days of running. So far, I've done the spin class but my strength training has yet to be done! I still have like 2 whole days though...

I think we’re expecting some sunshine in NM this weekend, I can’t wait to get out there and enjoy it!

Are you finally seeing warmer temperatures? What’s your favorite Spring time activity?