Friday, June 3, 2011

Posing Practice

I have my first competition posing practice tomorrow. I'm so nervous, I really hope I don't remind everyone of Bambi learning to walk. I took a few laps around the house (don't worry, just indoors) in the heels yesterday. The last time I attempted to wear heels my dog barked and growled at me- I think I scared her. But this time, she was very patient and quietly trotted along my side as I practiced walking. This week I've also booked my spray tan appointment for the show and have started looking at competition outfits. This is all becoming so real, I love it!!

I snuck in a quick mid-day cardio break today. I was tried this morning and that workout was the perfect boost. Isn't it amazing how just 20-30 minutes of being active can completley change your mood? I was very excited to run today because our abroad reader, Lou, sent me some great songs for a workout playlist- I was so pumped and had a hard time controlling myself from dancing on the treadmill.

Happy Friday!!

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