Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Travel Blog?

Although this is not a travel blog, that is what I have been doing. Travel, travel, and more travel. Since my last update on May 8th (yikes, that was a while ago), I have been to the following places: Edinburgh, Atlanta, Vermont, Maine, Chicago, Vancouver, and now I'm in Madrid. I've got a bunch of new stamps in my passport, and I'm going to finally have status on an airline by the time I get home, but WHOA can it be exhausting. I spent Saturday night on an overnight flight back from Vancouver, spent 4 hours at home, and then spent Sunday night on an overnight flight to Madrid. Needless to say, I was overjoyed to sleep in a real bed last night.

Despite the travel, I've been doing ok with the exercise. Not great, that's for sure, but not awful, especially on the road (surprisingly). I've found time to get out and explore the cities I'm in on foot in most cases (although, it didn't happen in Chicago because that show was a BEAST and I got sick).

In Scotland, I hiked and walked around the city everyday.

In Vermont, I bought a new bike! I'm super excited about this because my bike was AWFUL. I mean to the point of I think it killed me in the tri, not just my lack of training awful. It's old, heavy, and the gears were all jacked. So I splurged (with the help of my mom) on a brand spanking new road bike and I am madly in love.

My mom and I rode about 12 miles the day I bought it and it was probably the best bike ride I've ever been on. What a difference a good bike makes! (Also - I signed up for a 68 mile bike ride to benefit Fenway Health! More on that in another post though, because it deserves its own).

I also went to the driving range with my brother. Apparently, according to my "golf-pro" brother, I'm quite a natural. He gave me some good pointers and I enjoyed it, despite all the bugs. And naturally, between the bike ride and the golfing, I was SORE the next day.

instagram: maddieogren

I was only in Vancouver for a couple of days, but I made sure to walk when I could and take in some sights. I pretty much fell in love with the city and the views and I may just up and move there.

Much like in Scotland, it stayed light really late in Vancouver, and I couldn't have asked for better weather. Not only that, but the shows I was traveling for all went well. Win win win.

Now I'm in Madrid and I've done a ton of walking back and forth from one end of the convention center to another, but not much else. I was a zombie when I arrived yesterday, thanks to all the travel, and I crashed hard when I finally got to the hotel. But I feel like a real person again today and I have high hopes that tonight I'll get out and see some of the city. Any recommendations?

I have two more trips after this one...Austin next week and Toronto in July. I love traveling and I love that my job allows me to do so much of it, but I'm also looking forward to spending my summer at home. We have camping plans for the 4th of July weekend, and I have that bike ride to train for. It will be nice to sleep in my bed every night of the week and have a normal routine, including regular exercise again...at least for a few months before the fall busy season starts.