Friday, March 23, 2012

A Week of Wonderful

I'm so happy it's Friday, but I have to say, it's been a great week. This week reminded me how much I love being outside and how much better life is when it's stays light later, and I actually get to play outside. (WARNING: all the pictures in this post are from my phone because I left my camera at my sister's last weekend and have not seen her to get it back).

It started last weekend with a ski trip with my sister. Our first ski trip was so much fun, so we booked another one almost right away. Little did we know it would be 60 degrees in the beginning on March and we'd be wishing for lighter clothes. It was still really fun, but the sloppy snow was a little tough. I held my own and only fell once before lunch, but after lunch it was really warm and the snow was slick, so when I fell, I slid WAY down, and at one point I even went off the trail. It was a little scary (read: terrifying) but I didn't actually run into anything, and I was wearing a helmet. Overall, I think I like the colder days better, but I loved being out in the sun!

After a wonderful day on the slopes, we had corned beef and cabbage that Johnny had made, and I was passed out by 11pm. I am a party girl like none other, so obviously I was at my finest on St. Patrick's Day.

On Sunday, after a day in the snow, we spent a day on the river, soaking up more sun...and I happily wore flip flops! We walked down to the Charles and hung out with our friends before walking back to Brookline for some outdoor drinking. It was quite possibly the best way to spend a Sunday.

I didn't get a long run in on Sunday due to skiing and then being sore from skiing, so on Monday night I set out for a run. I only did 3 miles, which does not make for a long run in my half marathon training, but it was one of those runs that makes me love running, and reminds me why I do it. It wasn't fast by any means (because I never am) but it felt so good, and I felt so happy. It being like 65 degrees out probably helped too.

I was going to go to strength class on Tuesday, but it was REALLY nice out again, and I couldn't stand the thought of being in a basement missing out on the sunshine, plus we had people coming over for dinner, so on Tuesday, I did nothing that even remotely resembled exercise, but it was the only rest day all week, and given my recent track record, I have one word for that: baller.

THEN! On Wednesday (I'm telling you, this week was awesome. You're just going to have to deal with the day by day play by play) I went for a run on the trails by work. I've done this all of one time before, almost exactly one year ago, and it proved itself to be just as difficult. Something about having to dodge roots and sticks that makes running a bit more challenging. It was a really nice change of pace from the city running, and although I only had time for two miles, I got to do them before the sun went down! Bonus.

Thursday I ended up getting home later than I'd wanted thanks to an annoying amount of traffic, so once laundry and dishes were done, it was dinner time and I didn't want to run. I did, however, get in a great walk with the husband. It was an so warm, I wanted to make our destination a fro-yo place, but wisely chose to walk in the direction that doesn't have any fro-yo. We did end up a Trader Joe's, but we mostly bought stuff for my mom (Vermont still has no TJs) and managed to get out only spending $30!

Since I didn't run last night, I wanted to get in a couple miles before my long run tomorrow. Because I'm such and on again off again runner, I know that I need a kind of not so great short run before any long runs, or my long runs are going to suck. I didn't want to miss out on that seriously important crappy run before tackling 5 miles tomorrow (yikes!) so I dragged myself out of bed just before 5am. I could only squeeze in 2 miles because it took me forever to get moving and I had to be back to get ready for work, but I felt it did the job. I'm not really used to being a morning runner, but since races are in the morning, I know I need to get more used to it. It was also really warm this morning, so I came home looking all kinds of gorgeous.

Seriously, I ran 2 miles, but it looks like I tried to do a marathon or something. Part of it really was the dying of heat thing, and the other is that I'm actually really sunburned. Because it's been so nice out, I've been spending my lunch hour outside. My coworkers and I take out our lunches out to the park across from the office and soak up some vitamin D. We've also been playing Frisbee, which is absolutely hilarious. We have some pros among us, but I'm sure not one of them.

Being the fool that I am, I have not been wearing sunscreen at lunch. Each day I've ended up a little more burned, and now I straight up just look like I spent a day frying at the beach. I have REALLY fair skin, and I most definitely know better (I wore it on Sunday at the river and was burn free!) but I didn't want to take the time before lunch and get all sunscreensticky. Lesson learned (for the 6 millionth time in my life). Lather it on, or stay in the shade. 

Now I'm up in Vermont hanging with my mom for the weekend. The plan is to get in 5 miles tomorrow morning, and see my brother tomorrow afternoon. Otherwise, there will be lots of nothing. And I love lots of nothing, especially when it comes with beautiful scenery!

And that concludes my really long post about my really wonderful week. Tune in next time!

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