Friday, March 18, 2011

The Post about Yesterday

SO! Now that I have successful brought my camera in from my car (I forgot again today after work and had to go back and get it when we went out for dinner), I can share with you the pictures from my awesome trail run yesterday.

Truth it, it was not THAT awesome. It was HARD. It was muddy and I slipped and sometimes there was snow. It was not flat, but not really hilly. Just lots of little ups and downs. I don't know how far I went, but I was out for about 30 minutes. I would guess that I was only actually running for about 20 of it...the other 10 spent navigating gigantic puddles/the over flowing river I was running next to. BUT it was awesome. I've never trail run before and I LOVED it.

Yeah, it was much harder than running on the road (I assume running on the mushy defrosting earth is much like running in the sand on the beach), it was so beautiful. It scared me a little bit to be so alone in the woods (this trail is in a state park, and I had my phone with me...I was not unsafe, but I didn't see any other hikers), but it was peaceful too. I'll definitely do it again...just maybe after the thaw is over. My sneakers (and now my car) are a hot mess of mud.

Today was gorgeous too, but as the weather predicted VERY windy. I hate windy. I hate sand blowing in my eyes and hair in my mouth/stuck on my face. New Mexico is always super windy in the spring and it was my least favorite time to be there. We did venture out (how can you stay in when it's 65 degrees!) and walked with our friends to Boston Common, had a delicious dinner (a veggie burger wrap! Perfect because I LOVE burgers of all kinds, but am really not a fun on buns), and walked back. The good company kept me from minding the wind.

Now I'm cuddled up on the couch. The window is open and the breeze is wonderful. The fresh air makes the apartment feel so fresh! I hate how stuffy it can get in the winter! I'm so very ready for bed after another long week at work...and the hubs is busy killing zombies on the x-box, so I know he won't miss me if I turn in early! :)

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