Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pumped Up Kicks

I got new running shoes. I love love love getting new shoes. Of course having a trusty broken in pair feels great, but I do love the feeling of fresh new kicks.

The thing about this new pair is that they're not Asics. I've been in Asics for about 5 years now, and I generally LOVE them, but this time they just didn't work. I went to my favorite running store, Marathon Sports, as I always do, with every intention of getting the one-up version of the shoes I already have. So I tried them on first and right away I was disappointed. For some reason, the newer ones are much more narrow in the toe box. I tried the wides, but they were too big in the heel, so I had to branch out. I tried a couple pairs, and I ended up in new Saucony Triumph 9s. I have to say, I'm kind of in love...

The bright yellow tongue and the blue laces sold me. I'm a sucker for snazzy shoes.

Even better, they felt great to run in. I did a short 3 miles last night while the clothes were in the wash at the laundromat (I seriously have to multitask to fit it all in), and the shoes felt great. Much wider than I'm used to (even though they're not wides) and I cannot complain. I didn't do a ton of running last night because I didn't want to set out in new shoes on a long run and be screwed. But it was a really nice night and the shoes were good, so I'm feeling optimistic.

Speaking of long runs...I did manage to bust out a 5 miler this weekend in Vermont! It was near perfect running weather (overcast, but not too cold, and not humid), but the course was not my favorite. Vermont (and the area where my mom lives) is REALLY hilly. So I either had the choice of running on the roads for a full on hill work out, or running a little through the woods and on dirt roads for a less steep route. I went less steep (#duh) but the trails did nothing but slow me down. I was lucky to have some great views, but I would have taken ugly and faster this weekend.

It was a good weekend overall, and I'm happy to be staying on track (mostly) with my training plan. I walked with my mom on Sunday and I got to see my brother, so once again, I have no cause for complaint. Not only that, but I'm heading back to Chicago for work tomorrow (which is quickly becoming a favorite city of mine) and that means more runs on Lake Michigan!

And because I love it oh so much, I'm leaving you with the fortune my mom got on Saturday night. Wiser words have really never been spoken...

(ps- all these pics are still phone pics, but I have my camera back from my sister now, so I promise higher quality photos in the upcoming posts lol)

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