Monday, February 10, 2014

Week One Check In

Week one of the 9 Weeks to 29 Challenge is done! So how did it go? Well, it went alright...not as well as I would have liked because I got stuck in San Francisco for several more hours than I planned on my trip to Southern California, and I got a nasty cold. Fun times.

So far I've taken my vitamins everyday, not had a single sip of diet coke, and tracked everything I've been eating. In that regard, I'm quite pleased with how the week went. It was a good way to notice that my diet needs some more cleaning up, and overall I feel well. I didn't get in my five workouts though, and that's what I'm most bummed about. I got in three and a half...not my best showing. But it is what it is, due to the circumstances, and I'll just have to do better this week!

I did get to ski, take a spin class, elliptical and treadmill at the gym, and go for a walk (that my half workout because it wasn't a particularly hard walk).

skiing with my sister in NH
We had a pretty nice snow day last week too, which was nice because I got to stay home and prepare for my trip. It's also the day I took spin class because I was home already, so I didn't have to worry about commuting and traffic and not making it to class on time.

snow day!

As I mentioned before, I also traveled to California on Thursday. I'm here to visit my mom for a while (who is spending her winter away from the aforementioned snow and in the sun). I got a free week pass to the YMCA here, and already have some interesting sounding new classes picked out for Week 2! I'm not sure I have the skills for all the classes, but at least at the YMCA in Southern California, I'm far less self conscious! And California has much better weather...

so much wonderful sunshine
Now that I'm in one place for the week, I'll be better about updating about my new workouts this week...there's one on the agenda for tonight!

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