Friday, February 7, 2014


Wednesday’s workout was a 1000m swim and Thursday’s was an hour spin session. I’ve been paying more attention to making sure I have enough fuel each day to make it through my afternoon workouts and it has made a huge difference. Though I had plenty of energy for my workout on Wednesday, my motivation was lacking. I had to use what I like to call “Shampootivation”.

For everyday use, I buy Dove Shampoo and Conditioner, it’s not too expensive and it works well. But I allow myself to buy a special shampoo or conditioner that can only be used after a good workout; I have to earn it, no easy half-assed workouts. It may be odd, but I absolutely love when my hair smells extra good, it puts me in such a good mood! Knowing I can use a product that smells great and will leave my hair feeling a little softer than usual pushes me to go that workout done. If I have a date night with the hubs or a get together to go to, I’m likely to leave out the workout with the excuse that I need to spend time getting ready, preparing snacks for a party, etc. but not if I know that I want my hair to feel and look amazing for the occasion. I find myself waking up at 5 am or taking a longer lunch to get that workout done, no excuses. It’s a win win – I feel better about myself because my hair feels good AND because my body has had its workout. Sometimes, especially when I don’t have a race goal in mind, I just need that little push and a fancy treat like shampoo or conditioner works like a charm.

My current motivator is Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner. I came across it in my Birchbox and have been hooked, it is crazy good. It’s a lot pricier than any other motivator I’ve used but a little goes a long way and I had points to use so it was really affordable. It was the perfect reward for pulling through a tough (both on me and my hair) swim! Other past shampootivation includes Herbal Essence and the samples from Birchbox that are perfect size for my gym bag.

I’m sure using other treats like a special eye palette, piece of jewelry or putting money aside to pay for a spa treatment would work too.

Anyone have some fun workout motivators?

Have a great weekend!!!!! I'll be recharging my camera so I can get some more pictures up on here :)

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