Saturday, February 1, 2014

9 Weeks to 29

Well hello there! It's been a while. As Mari mentioned, we're back! We've been chatting and we both realized we needed this space again to keep up going and motivated. I'm excited to overshare with all six of our readers again!

For me, the hiatus has absolutely been because I feel off the fitness wagon in an awful way. Work and life got crazy and I just couldn't make it work. It happens some times, and I'm not happy about it, but I've decided not to dwell on it any longer and just move onto better things.

In an attempt to get myself back on track, I've worked out a personal fitness/healthy lifestyle challenge...Nine Weeks to Twenty Nine. So what's it all about? Well, nine weeks from tomorrow, I am turning 29 years old. I'd like to be in a much healthier place come my birthday, so each week from now until then, I'm going to challenge myself to something new.

Ground rules: For all nine weeks, there are some things I'm going to stick to. They are:

  1. At least five workouts a week - 30 mins or more and skiing counts
  2. Vitamins every day - iron and multi-vitamins
  3. Water water water...and no Diet Coke - I'm not cutting out booze, but the DC is outta control
  4. Only one cup of coffee each day - I think my caffeine intake is affecting my sleep
  5. Keep a food and workout journal - tracking has always been key for me
Each week, I'll take those ground rules and incorporate a new challenge. They are:

Week 1 - Back to Basics - this week I'll just be incorporating those 4 rules above into my life. I need to go to the store and get the vitamins, probably buy some healthier snacks, etc. I'm taking this week to set myself us to be successful.

Week 2 - Try Something New - I'm going to be traveling the whole week for week 2, so "Try Something New" should fit in well here. The 5 (or more) workouts will be something I have done before...maybe a new class, a different studio on the road, a workout video, etc. Should be interesting!

Week 3 - Cooking with Maddie - I never cook. Ever. When the hubs travels and I'm left at home, I eat a lot of cereal and canned tuna. But this time, I'm going to cook! The first part of the week I'll be traveling with the hubs, but then I'll be home without him for a few days, and so it's my chance to actually cook and make some healthy stuff.

Week 4 - No Meat Week - I don't eat a TON of meat, but I eat enough that it should be interesting to come up with a week's worth of menus without meat!

Week 5 - Try it Again - Mari came up with this idea, and I love it! This week, I'm going to try things again I've sworn off...Zumba, eggplant, peach yogurt..we'll see how it goes.

Week 6 - Photograph Life - Meals and workouts will be documented in photos. Keeps you honest about what happens when you have to share the photographic evidence.

Week 7 - Seven Straight - In week seven, I'm going to work out seven days straight. It's hard for me to fit in a full workout everyday, so this is going to take some good planning and dedication, but I'm going to push myself extra hard to squeeze in all those workouts.

Week 8 - Take it from Someone Else - Also an idea from Mari, each of the workouts this week will be something from another blog. I read a lot of the healthy living blogs out there, and lots of those wonderful ladies give some great workout ideas. I'm going to borrow them (and give credit where credit is due, of course).

Week 9 - No Sugar - This week is going to suck. A lot. Which is why I'm leaving it to the I can celebrate making it through no sugar week with a giant piece of gluten-free birthday cake. But I know I eat way too much sugar in my life, and while I'm not about to give up sweets or dessert for the entirety of this challenge or my life, I'm thinking a week will do me good.

So that's that! I'm sure it might require tweaking throughout the process, but for now, this is the plan and I'm hoping for the best. And now I'm off to CVS to buy a new stash of Flintstones vitamins.


  1. Maybe I'll start a week after you and do 8 to 28!
    Love it, you guys inspire me!

  2. I'm so excited to read your updates throughout this challenge, such a great idea! P.S. Make sure you don't leave your Flintstones in your vitamin holder for weeks in your damp swim leaves a real nasty, smelly, gooey mess. Just in case you were wondering. :)