Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Nanas and Me

Good Morning from sunny California. It's amazing how warm weather and sunshine can just put me in such a good mood! The forecast says 80's for the next three days, so you bet I'l be laying out by the pool trying my best to get some mid-winter color. I'm paler than pale could be right now.

Speaking of the pool...last night I did a hilarious water aerobics class at the YMCA. This being try something new week, I thought about taking a self defense class, but the way the timing worked out, the "Aqua Fit" class fit better into my schedule. With no class description, I took a chance at what it might be, having loved some good water aerobics in the past. Well this was not like my past classes. This was nana central. Not going to lie, I loved the class, but it wasn't exactly a killer workout. We did some barre work under water and some zumba moves, so I definitely worked some muscles that haven't been used in a while (my lower back is sore already, actually), but I was the youngest person in the class by about 15 years.

it's fun to stay at the ymca
I'm excited to be at the Y this week because I feel like it's definitely the place to try new classes. So many people are just starting out in fitness, or are older, or aren't but the level of Y exercise classes is much broader, allowing for all skill levels. I took a spin class on Monday night, and although spin is not at all new to me, it was a very different class than I'm used to. (I know it doesn't fit into the theme of the week, but I was jonesing for the bike). Someone in the class had never done spin before, and the instructor was so helpful and attentive to her. It's definitely an environment that I appreciate and even feel like I need right now...especially as I try new things this week.

All and all...week two is off to a great start! How's everyone else's week going? Any new classes you've been doing?

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