Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Update

Since my death-inducing run on Saturday, things have perked up. I did go on a bike ride with my sister, and then we went out for amazing Indian food. I always thought I didn't like Indian, but I think it's because the first time I ever had it was a lunch buffet (at a really nice's not a seafood buffet that's been out all day), and I had no idea what I was eating and it was all too spicy. Now that I know what I'm ordering, I actually really like it.

my sister and our friend, Alan

blurry Maddie and Johnny shot
 Our weekend fun continued yesterday as we went down to visit my gram. As I've mentioned before, my gram's is home to me, so it was nice to have a relaxing day and a cookout in a place that feels so comfortable in a weird transition period of notreallyhomelessness.

The hubs grilled up some delicious steak and we played a dramatic game of whiffle ball! Well it was not REALLY's just that my gram lives in a condo complex, so her back yard isn't much of a yard at all. And I may or may not have hit the neighbor's sliding glass door...luckily the whiffle ball is only plastic or we'd be in deep trouble!

my gramma is probably cooler than your gramma. just sayin'.
Today we're back in Boston. I redeemed myself for Saturday and went out on a 3 mile run. It wasn't super speedy, but it was a full 5k and I didn't want to die from heat at any point and time! Win! And I had a coupon for a free smoothie, so I treated myself to some protein in the form of orange-mango-deliciousness at the end.

Today is also our last day in temp housing #1. It's been super nice having the place to ourselves and the use of a washing machine, but tonight my uncles will be home, so we're getting out of their hair and heading over to temp housing #2 until Wednesday. Those digs come with live-in friends! I'm pumped, but for now I'll enjoy the last couple hours of outdoor seating.

yes, that is an ash tray on the table. no, I do not smoke, nor do my uncles. they entertain a lot and don't want butts on their balcony.

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