Saturday, September 3, 2011

I am Full of Bad Ideas

In general, I like to think of myself as a pretty smart person. I did well in school, I like to read, I have traveled a fair bit, I know how to use computers, and I am socially capable. But, sometimes I don't think things through very well and do stupid things. Nothing drastic, I've never been arrested, unconscious, or even broken a bone (knock on wood), but like I don't always make the best decision.

As the BFF and I have mentioned more than once on the blog, we have a list called "Things Mari and Maddie Should Not have Done." We're often full of great ideas that turn out not so great. Today, I added to that list. Around 12:45pm I decided it was time for a run. It's sunny and gorgeous here in Boston,  but there was a breeze coming through the windows of the apartment where we're staying (thanks to my awesome uncles), so I ignored the fact that it is actually 82 degrees and humid out...even though the weather app on my phone told me that...I laced up and went out anyway.

Well I came back thirty minutes later looking like this:

doing my best Zoolander
 Even though I was out for 30 minutes, I only did 2.3 miles! Yikes. It was not a good run. I was WAY too hot and took several walk breaks. It was a pretty bad excuse for a work out...and had I gone earlier in the day it may have been better, but oh well. Not every work out is going to be perfect, right?

But since I did sweat profusely, I refueled with some chocolate milk and leftover pizza.

That's a lunch of champions right there! :)

Today we're bumming around and doing several load of laundry. My sister and I will probably go for a bike ride too, so all is not lost in workout today (Boston has a new bike-share program which has been a huge hit. Although I don't think the city should let people rent bikes without helmets, it's great to see so many people using it. Since my sister doesn't have a bike, she'll take advantage of it and ride with me).

And can I get a "heck yes" for the long weekend?? Oh heck yes!

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