Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Delicious Day Trip

It was a busy weekend. Friday evening, after a tough leg workout (I'm still a little sore!) Jay and I decided to go out to dinner and use a LivingSocial deal we bought a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the food and service were disappointing; I don't think we'll be visiting this particular sushi spot again. Oddly enough it was voted last year as the city's best sushi place - this was our 2nd visit and we didn't like it, maybe it's just us? We did get a giggle out of a garnish, it reminded us of the filler that goes in Easter baskets! I guess it's not as shiny in my photo as it was in real life. While chewing on a bit of rice I felt an uncomfortable "crunch". One of my fillings came out!! Trying to find any dentist on a holiday weekend proved to be quite the task and apparently my dentist does not answer the emergency hotline voicemail box within the hour as promised. Thankfully, Saturday afternoon we found a temporary patch kit at the pharmacy. Jay was amazing in making the painful situation a little funny, check out the set up!

Yes, that is a Kleenex bib. The patch worked and made a huge difference, I was finally able to eat again.

Monday morning we took a long drive up north to visit the Salman Raspberry Ranch.

Their website mentioned the fields had been picked through quite a bit but we were willing to make the drive in the hopes of picking even a few raspberries. It was a bit muddy but there were plenty of raspberries to pick!

With our 2 pounds of raspberries in hand we visited their garden area and stopped by the cafe to enjoy freshly made raspberry soft serve ice cream. It was so delicious and a perfect treat on a warm day. We headed back to Albuquerque with the intent of making an apple-raspberry crumb topped pie. Honestly, I've only made a pie once in my life and that was last year at Maddie's wedding so I was a little nervous to give this a try on my own.

And here's our final product!

It was getting late by the time we pulled this out of the oven and wanting it to cool properly we decided we'd wait until today to eat it. I'm exicted! I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

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