Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not Really Homeless

It's done. The move-out process is over. We packed everything cleaned and close the door for the last time last night. It was bittersweet. The hubs and I have lived there for three years. My sister lived with us in that apartment for two months. It's our first Boston apartment. We've been boyfriend and girlfriend, fiances, and husband and wife in that apartment. We rode out a hurricane and multiple blizzards. It was a good run, but it was time. Upgrades were badly needed and we were running out of space. Onward and upward. (And don't worry...we cleaned before we left. The under-the-couch nastiness you can see on the floor did not stay for the next tenant...nor did any of our stuff).

So now we are technically homeless. We don't have a lease. We don't have an address. We have wonderful friends and family to take care of us, which makes us not REALLY homeless and really fortunate...but yeah. It's a weird limbo to be in. Next Wednesday cannot come soon enough!

Before the big move, and in light of the hurricane, we celebrated our anniversary. The hubs took me to a nice seafood place. We've had drinks there before, but never eaten, so I was excited to try it out. Plus, I had a seriously hot date.

This place prints their menus everyday, and date-stamps them. They do this because of all the fresh fish they get and their ever changing menu. I knew this and thought it would be cool to keep the menu since it would have the date of our first anniversary on it. Little did I know, the hubs also thought of this and went one step further!

We had specially printed menus! The hubs and I had a no gifts rule for this year, since moving is NOT cheap, so this was a really sweet way to do something special for me. He also pointed out to me that year 1 is the paper anniversary. I do not give this man enough credit! :)

It was a fun night. We tried to go for fro-yo after dinner, but everything was closed! Apparently the storm kept businesses from opening. And after MORE packing, it was back to the grind on Monday. I worked and went to spin. I also tried fueling for the first time. Sure I make sure I eat enough before I work out (but not too soon before) and I have something for recovery, but I'd never mid-workout fueled before. I know that in the tri I'm going to have to do some of that, so I figured I'd start and see what worked best.

Before spin I had two Shot-Bloks. I didn't hate them, but I HATED how much they got stuck in my teeth! I would not want to be picking them out of my teeth as I ran.

I took a killer 45 minute spin class then hopped on the treadmill for 20 minutes. I downed a Gu at the beginning of the run and I was impressed with my ability to do two things at once! Although I did end up dropping the wrapper under the treadmill...oops!

I liked the Gu...I think? I didn't love the lemon-lime flavor (I got a bag of Gus and shots from the Hubs' coworker who does half Iron Mans. She didn't like these flavors either, but since I don't know what I'd like or works for me, I figured trying out some for free made more sense than buying a bunch of my own). I loved how I felt on the run...really good and fresh...not as wobbly and sluggish as I usually feel during a brick, but the Gu was hard to take down. I think I'll stick with Gu over Shot-Bloks for dental reasons but I'm going to expand my flavor choices.

And I know this is the longest post ever...but big news for tonight: I'm doing an open-water swim! And it's not hot out anymore sooo should be interesting....


  1. Seriously these past 2 posts have been so sweet!! I'm sure my dog is getting tired of hearing me say "awww" so many times! :)

  2. um... i'm not sure if it is clif or who but some energy provider company joined up with jelly bellys and they have a product i really like, and it comes in lots of flavors. also love sharkies which are kind of like saltish fruit snacks. i'm so excited for you!
    p.s. i totally teared up when at the start of this post... the philippines have made me like that