Friday, January 25, 2013

A Week of Random Fitness

To no one's surprise, I'm sure, I'm traveling again. I had a conference yesterday in Baltimore, and I'm staying the weekend to hang out with my awesome non-Welsh friend from Wales again.

It's been fun so that I've not made it all the far from the hotel...but I had a nice view...

And we ate dinner at a German resturant in the private dinning room. And by that I mean there was NO ONE else is the entire place. Talk about awkward. But the food was decent.

It's been a busy week, but I've managed to work on my fitness a couple different times and stay fairly on track this week (minus drinking a couple too many on Sunday night when the Pats Baltimore nonetheless.

On Sunday and Wednesday I took spin at the gym.

I really love spin. It is such a sweaty wonderful workout, as show cased in this awesome selfie I took in the car post-Sunday spin.

On Wednesday I was not as pleased with spin though. I don't love the new bikes at the gym closest to my apartment, but it's closest to my apartment and the class times work well for me a lot of time. BUT there was a weird screw on my bike and it ripped my pants and I ended up with a nice little chaffed spot on my leg because my leg kept rubbing on the seat instead of my pants being nicely in the way. It was not pleasant when I got in the shower.

Yesterday and this morning I rocked out at the hotel gym. I'm not sure I would have motivated myself because I'm kind of hating on the treadmill right now, but a couple of my conference friends were going and I didn't want to be the lazy one, so I knocked out some walk/run time. I didn't count any of it toward my 365 Miles in a Year total because with the chatting and the jankiness of the hotel treadmill, I don't think I actually ran a whole mile without stopping. But hey, at least I went! And I foam rolled the ever living daylights out of my legs and it HURT SO GOOD.

I'm off from work today, but of course I've already been on the phone like 4 times and answered a million emails, so I guess I'm not so good at actually taking the day off. I need to get my stuff together and get outta this joint before I miss my checkout time, but I wanted to leave you with a picture of my breakfast today.

Breakfast. Of. Champions. Boom.

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