Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Sport No Fail

I finally found a winter sport that I enjoy!! And not just enjoy a little, but like cannot-wait-to-go-again-hopefully-soon!

After trying and not loving ice skating and downhill skiing, I was so nervous when the hubby asked me to go cross-country skiing. He is a big winter sports kinda guy and I wanted to share in the fun. So we headed out to a relatively flat area in the Jemez Mountains, the Valles Calderas.

Gorgeous Mountains
We kept on a relatively flat path which made the learning process easier. I still need to work on the downhill part but it's a start! The day wasn't complete without a few falls...

Hubby Practice Falling

Ironically, about 20 minutes after taking this picture, Jay really did fall hard on his bum. And then I did a complete face plant. It was really hard to stop laughing and get back up.

In the spirit of trying (and liking) new methods of exercise, I gave a pi-yo class a chance. This mixture of pilates and yoga is so intense! I'm not sure how most classes are set up, but this one flowed from one position to the next and in between there were reps of exercises. For example, we went into plank then did two push-ups, then upward facing dog and back up to plank and repeated the entire process several times. As soon as we finished that we moved into downward dog and did several tricep push-ups while still in downward dog! By the end of this class, my heart rate was up and my muscles were jelly. Fantastic, in my book!

I'm working on a post with an update on my goals and one where I'll be sharing a recipe for crock pot enchiladas. Stay tuned! Have a great week!


  1. I knew you would love it!
    Gonna try snow shoeing? I bet it might be your scene also!

  2. Life is best enjoyed when saying "yes" to trying new things. Cross country is a fun workout and the right way to see winter. Showshoes are on my hit list to try yet this season.


  3. Nice views, me wants to try snow shoes sometime. Snow's a coming this week, here's hoping.


  4. I am not a fan of winter sports either. But someone suggested I try snowshoeing. I totally will next winter. This winter is out because I am currently healing from a broken ankle.

    Pi-Yo is one of my favorite classes. Hurts so good!

    1. I'm sorry to hear about your broken ankle! I hope you get healed up quick!

      I've been looking for a pi-yo dvd, have you seen any?