Thursday, February 10, 2011

Moving On Up!

Note to myself: If you continue to go running only once a week, your runs are going to be SUCKY and you're going to turn bright red and want to die having only run a few miles.

(yes, I am in the bathroom stall at the gym bc I felt weird taking a picture of myself. No, I am not using the bathroom at this point)

On my way home I made a pit stop at my favorite shoe store to upgrade my sneaks. It's been almost a year since I bought my last pair, so my feet were most definitely feeling the need for new ones. The guy who helped me at the store was awesome. He put me in the upgraded version of my Asics, but I didn't like them. There was so much heel to the shoe that is was too bulky. I ended up with Asics GEL-Nimbus 12. (Bonus bc 12 is my lucky number!)  I'm pretty much in love with how light they are and the off center laces. I'm excited to go for another run!

After the gym and shoes and a few other errands I finally made it home. On the agenda for tonight, waching Top Chef from last night (I was SO sad. I loved the one who had to leave this week), and baking a cake! Tomorrow we're going to Vermont for the weekend to see the hub's cousins and I'm going to a baby shower. The hub's cousin's wife's birthday was on Saturday, so I wanted to bring up an extra special treat!

I love making cake, but sometimes there just isn't time to make it from scratch. Today is a Red Velvet cake-in-the-box made lighter. You can make any boxed cake with 12oz of soda. I use the diet variety (calorie saver, obvi) so root beer went into this baby.
I did make the frosting from scratch though...and I had to improvise softening the butter. I was using the microwave for the cake timer, and I wanted to get to the frosting right away. Good thing we have a giant radiator!

It worked like a charm and I have butter cream frosting in no time. I may have added a little too much sugar (it's on the sweeter side), but it's pretty darn good. SO much better than anything that comes in a tub!


So before I leave you for the day, I'll leave you with my big news...

In that envelope is the resignation letter I gave my boss today. Two weeks from now will be my last day with my current company. Yesterday I was offered a new job at a company that I've been trying to get into for two years. They finally had an open position, and they offered it to me! It will be a HUGE life change, but I'm SO ready for it. My job has been just a job for the past few years. It's been good at times, not good at times, and just ok at time, but it was never the industry that I really wanted to be in. On February 28th, I'll get to start the job I've been dreaming about! :D

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