Friday, September 9, 2011

The Final Countdown

The day after tomorrow. The triathlon is the day after tomorrow. HOLY COW. I'm really nervous and feeling super under trained, but it's go time, and I've got to put my game face on and love every minute of it.

Life has been crazy. We're moved into the new place, finally, and I'm so happy. It feels so much bigger than our old apartment, and it's so quiet. I'm excited to finish getting everything unpacked and feel like I actually don't live out of boxes any more.

Oh, and remember last week, when I said I was going to do an open water swim? Well it never happened! Not a huge surprise in the life of Maddie, but here's the thing...I tried to go THREE TIMES. The state park where the tri will be held is close to my office, so I was planning on heading over there and testing the waters. Last Thursday was my first attempt. I had to stay late at work finishing up some stuff, so I headed over later than I wanted...turns out, they don't let you swim past 6pm! Bust! So the next day I left work at 3:30 (yay early release Fridays in the summer!) and headed over. Apparently it cost $5 to park there. And they only take cash. And I didn't have any. Some how I missed that the first time, but I convinced the girl at the entrance to let me just drive around to get the lay of the land and see what the course would be like (HOLY HILLS), but did not get to swim. DANG. SO then on Tuesday I decided I'd do it again. Armed with my $5, I was ready. I went online to make sure they were open (it was super rainy here on Tuesday and I wasn't sure the weather would permit swimming), and thankfully I did...because they don't have swimming after Labor Day. Third time was NOT a charm. So Sunday will be my first open water swim. Luckily, I'm a strong swimmer and I'm not at all afraid of open water, but I would have liked to test it out first. OH WELL!

Anyway. That was a long story for a short point! At least it's Friday. And today my company has the "end of summer picnic" so in an hour we'll all be heading to the park down the street for some good old fashion outdoor fun. Best part about it (besides getting paid to go to a picnic)? I get to wear sneakers and capris to work today! Win.

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