Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Wedding Post

It's been one year (officially tomorrow) since I was married. One whole year since I wore a (not really) white dress, stood in front of my friends and family, and said I'd love Johnny forever. So far, so good!

The BFF and I obviously didn't have this blog back then, so I don't have a whole tab just for my wedding like some bloggers, nor do I have lots of post to reference from when we got engaged and my wedding shower and all those fun things. But I figured, in honor of my anniversary, I'd do an official wedding post. So here it is.

August 28th, 2009. Johnny and I went to a James Taylor concert in the pouring rain. We enjoyed the concert, and he nervously asked me to come with him to the concert "every year for forever." Under a wonderful beach umbrella, he asked me to marry him. I, of course, said yes, and put the ring on my own finger (classy, I know, but I was excited!)

For a year, we planned, booked, paid-off, and pulled together our wedding. We were to be married exactly a year later. We didn't really do it on purpose, but it sure does make the 28th that much more special.

We had a really laid back wedding. It was in my mom's backyard, and we had bbq. The days leading up to the wedding were some of my favorite. My bachelorette party was the Wednesday before, and the Thursday we headed up to VT. The drive to VT (only three hours) in the car with my bridesmaids, all sporting our Tiffany-blue "Bride" and "Bridesmaids" tank-tops was so much fun. Even though the car was packed and I have no AC. To have all my best friends in one place at the same time was priceless. We got to VT and started prepping for the wedding.

We picked out the flowers to be used for the center pieces and everyone helped cut apples for the homemade apple pie we'd be serving for dessert (hi there bff!)

Friday night we did the rehearsal thing, and then it was time to head to the hotel. In classic wedding tradition, I stayed at the hotel with the girls and Johnny stayed with his family. I wouldn't see him again until I walked down the isle.

Before I knew it, it was August 28th, 2010. The year had gone by so slowly and so quickly all at the same time. But it was time to go, ready or not (yes, I was late to my own wedding...clearly it wasn't going to start without me). Here are some of the pictures (all take by Eve Event Photography...who I cannot recommend enough...they were so wonderful to work with and I was so pleased with the end result).

my studly husband getting ready

getting zipped in!

I held it together all day...until I saw my dad. Then I lost it and didn't stop crying until I said "I do"
lots of people came to see us get married

my dad walked me down the isle (see, still crying)

we said our vows. they were modern, and this poem was read. the man who married us also baptized Johnny and his brother and sister. He's a long time family friend and it meant the world to have him.

the ceremony lasted about 20 minutes. It was perfect, and now time to PARTY!
the boys celebrating
our awesome wedding party in front of my mom's house
we spruced up the place (no one wants boring port-a-potties at their wedding!)

the flowers picked out the day before in their Ball jars (cheapest, prettiest center pieces ever)

our siblings gave speeches that made us cry. i love them so much.

we kissed a lot. people made us. we couldn't help it.
mini maple syrup thank you favors! clearly a good choice for a wedding in VT.

And pie cutting! yes, we fed each other pie. No we didn't save a pie for this year.
 There are so many more pictures, and so many more memories, but it's hard to explain it all in a blog post. I loved the day...even the bad parts of when the caterer served the food without us being ready, and when the speakers blew out and we had to play music from the speakers of my in-laws rented Suburban. The weather was absolutely perfect and I have never felt so loved in my life. Cheesy, I know, but oh well. It was my wedding day and I can feel as cheesy as I want :)

The next two days were wonderful too. We still had family in town, and we enjoyed our time with them (under the tent, which was still up, and with lots and lots of left over bbq), before we headed to Maine for our honeymoon. This being a do-it-yourself wedding, we didn't have a huge honeymoon budget. Luckily, my uncles own a GORGEOUS house in Maine that we were able to use for the week. It was hot as heck in ME, but we enjoyed being alone together for the first time in what felt like weeks, and boogie boarding on some pre-hurricane waves.

It's been a wonderful year. And this weekend...even though we're NOT moving like we were supposed to be (thanks Hurricane Irene!)..and we are spending our time packing and scrubbing the kitchen floor, we're still going to be celebrating! We've got dinner reservation tomorrow night, and we have a wonderful bottle of champagne the BFF gave us that we'll finally be popping open tonight. I loved everything about my wedding and I would LOVE to have it all over again. It was the most perfect laid-back party ever. Perfectly Johnny and me. (Did I mention we made all our own wedding invitations on an old-fashion type writer?) But you only get one perfect wedding day, so I'll take my perfect husband and live happily ever after (in a hurricane).

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  1. Hi Maddie, Wow! Your wedding was so beautiful and I love how simple it was. I might even steal the maple syrup idea for my future wedding! Anyways, I am trying to put together a Boston Blogger meet up and was curious if you'd be interested. If so, please email me at Thanks and I look forward to meeting you!