Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Whine About the Wine Results

This weekend was nice and easy! Saturday morning we ran the Will Run for Wine 5k except that it turned out not to be a 5k and was instead 2.6 miles!! It was a little deflating knowing we didn't run the full 3.1 but it felt great to run fast. The ankle took about .75 of a mile to warm up and was a little sore during Monday's jog/walk. I did finally pick up my new orthotics- they are a bit awkward in my shoe but I'm told this is normal and they'll be comfy with time.

I'm trying to be more creative when it comes to doing cardio. So far I've tried bootcamp and zumba, today I worked up a sweat swimming laps! I'm not new to swimming but I don't rely on it in my usual cardio routine. I swam for about an hour and really did feel my heart rate rise. It was also a great way to spend some much needed time with the ol' fiance- we shared a lane and he totally kicks my butt swimming but with his triathlon training and my competition training we are so busy and have learned to appreciate even a few seconds in between laps to catch up and share a laugh.

Guess who, for the third week in a row, was able to curl 20 pound dumbbells all on her own??
Accomplishing this has really motivated me- I didn't think I could possibly curl more than 10 pounds and now I'm able to do so much more! I still have a long way to go before I'm ready for the competition but these steps along the way are good reminders to keep going!!

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