Saturday, May 28, 2011

100th Post!

HAPPY 100TH POST! Between the BFF and me, we've managed to get 100 posts into the last couple months! Pretty awesome, if you ask me!

I am quite happily enjoying the long weekend. I got to jet out of work a little early yesterday afternoon, and had a surprisingly traffic-free ride. It was a GORGEOUS day. I didn't get out during lunch, but when I got to the car, the thermometer told me just how wonderful the day had been.

(yes I was driving when I took this, and yes I have a lot of thousands of miles on my car. Oh well).

I got home just in time to change and head out for a double date. We went with Johnny's bff Dave (although he tells me boys don't have maybe his bromantic friend?) and Dave's girlfriend. We met up for a fancy drink at The Liberty Hotel. I used to work right by this hotel and have been a few times for drinks and I love it. It used to be a jail, so the architecture of the building is awesome. It's a little pricey, so I've never eaten here, but I love going!

After a drink, we walked over to the Museum of Science.

Like MY bff, I enjoy going to Museums sans children. We weren't there for the exhibits though, we were there to FINALLY see the tornado movie at the Omni Theatre! It was SO cool. It seems to be a little too real these days, with the many tornadoes touching down around the country, but it was really neat to see things from that perspective. We luckily don't deal with them here in New England, but it was fascinating all the same!

After the movie (which was only about 45 minutes long), we walked back to have dinner near the hotel. We settled on Antonio's, an Italian place with an extremely reasonably priced menu. I don't generally like going out for Italian for two reasons:

1. I can make Italian food. I know it's not nearly as good as resturant stuff, but I can make pasta and meatballs, so why spend so much money on it?
2. It's not very healthy. It's high in ww points and the portions are HUGE. I'd generally go for a lighter, healthier options, but every once and while, it's a good treat!

Dinner was amazing. I ended up getting the mussels and they did not disappoint. And the place itself was so cute and homey. There are only about 15 tables and it feels like Italy (I can say that because I lived there). It was worth the extra calories!

Today was another gorgeous day. After my carbo loading last night, I was pleased to get out for a bike ride! It was my first ride since I got my bike 2 weeks ago (bad weather caused that delay) and it was great. Unfortunately, it being a nice day, there were SO many people out and very much in the way, preventing me from ever really picking up much speed. I ended up covering 7 miles in about 50 minutes. It made me realize just how different real biking is from spin class! I'm going to need a lot of work on that for the tri!

I took my bike back to Johnny's office (that's where it lives since our apartment is small and up three flights of stairs), and headed home for a quick shower before an afternoon of errands! I have ZERO in terms of summer clothes, so my sister and I went shopping. I ended up with a few things, but I sill need a lot more! I did also buy 14 new pairs of underwear (Victoria Secret awesome sale!). This may be TMI, but in the 2+ years of losing weight, I've gone through SO many clothes. I frequently get rid of pants and shirts that are just not working any more. The one thing that I've kept the whole time? My underwear. I guess it continued to fit for quite some time, so I never needed to replace it. Lately, I've noticed that it really no longer fits. I bought a few new pairs a couple months ago, but now it's out of control. Tomorrow the underwear drawer will be purged and my buns will be happy!!

I hope everyone is having an awesome long weekend! I'm SO happy to have a day off!!

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