Thursday, May 26, 2011

Are You Some Kind of Hippie Girl or What?

My sister is on summer break and was able to take a few days off work to come up and visit this past weekend. I always enjoy having her around. I made us a couple of appointments to get feather highlights- she chose a hot pink and green (so cute on her!) and I opted for a blue and blackish/white one. I am totally loving this look because I've always wanted blue highlights but have been too nervous about how it'd look and this is a perfect way to just have 1 blue strand. Which of course prompted the question from one of the guys at work "are you some kind of hippie girl or what??". Aren't guys funny? Speaking of my sister, she is an amazing zumba-er and convinced me to try a class- oh my awkward! Unlike my sister, I have two left feet (anyone seen that movie Dog Show- you can totally picture what I'm thinking, right?) and no rhythm. While my sis was able to step out of the room to take a sip of water and jump right back in without missing a beat, I had to study every move and tried to follow it exactly and looked goofy. I did work up a good sweat!

Explora is a local museum that teaches children about science through hands on experiments and once a month they host an event that we just couldn't miss out on! That's right, no kids allowed!! We had so much fun playing and learning without having to be patient and wait in line with a ton of kids. Can we discuss this photo below?
Yes, I took a creepy picture of strangers' behinds, but more importantly do you see their cartoon like tails? There were a ton of people wearing tails and ears and we just had to ask why. We were told that they are part of a club of furry fanatics and one can choose their furry character and join... Yeah, I still don't get it. There was also a group of ladies with fake mustaches and we also had to ask them. Now their answer I understood- it was a 21st birthday and the b-day girl wanted to have a fun, mustache 21st birthday bash. Cute!

Explora has an amazing craft section- there are buckets and cabinets of recycled materials, glue and kid-friendly scissors. I love this section! Jay made me a coconut bra- you can't see the straps of ribbon and the paper clip clasp he created. My sis made a cute flower in a ribbon filled flower pot. Using a graham cracker box, a stencil and a piece of material I made Jay an awesome hat... The weather here has been so much nicer! We took advantage of it by taking a walk through the aquarium and the botanical gardens. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be inside of a pumpkin??
They have such beautiful flowers there!

It was a great weekend full of trips to the gym, walking around sight-seeing and shopping and visiting. I'll try to not wait as long to update you on the upcoming weekend!

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