Friday, May 6, 2011

Pouts and Protein

Guess what finally arrived at my doorstep?

The Frosty Chocolate Milk Whey Protein I ordered last week! I enjoy being able to get my chocolate fix while taking in the much needed protein. I also really enjoy buying protein at one heck of a bargain. Thanks to I used and found better deals on their regularly priced tubs + shipping vs on sale items at the local stores. Love it.

And guess who had a miserable day yesterday? This girl...
After work, I ended up watching TV, pouting about having a terrible day (pity party of 1?) and chatting on the phone with a friend and did not go to they gym. Bad, I know. However, chatting with my friend and with Jay really helped me turn my negativity into positivity. I'm actually feeling so much better and will be going to the gym tonight and trying out a bootcamp class tomorrow. I'm a little nervous because I've never been to a bootcamp class but I know this instructor does an amazing job of motivating any of her classes. Yikes!! Stay tuned...

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