Monday, May 2, 2011

Burnt to a Crisp

No, I do not have a sunburn. Thankfully. I'm sure I'll have plenty of them later in the summer, but tonight it's not my skin that's burnt.

First, I burned out my leg muscles in spin class. But of course I mean this in the best way possible. I love this spin class. The teacher is normal. She does not whisper weird things under her breath, but she provides a great amount of encouragement. She picks good music, but she doesn't play it too loudly and then scream into the microphone to be louder than the music. It's 45 minutes of sweaty happiness.

Don't be jealous of my bathroom title.

Then, I burned my tongue. BADLY. I was heating up left over chili from the weekend, and I was testing it. The chili itself was not hot, but apparently the broccoli I was heating up with it was VERY HOT. The hubs says I have white bumps on my tongue now. Awesome. I'm eating a bunch of ice cubes, but it just really hurts.

While this was all going down, I burned the toast I was making to go with my chili dinner. It was so disappointing. Dinner still turned out pretty well, but I was in less than a good mood by the time I sat down to watch last week's Biggest Loser and eat.

That's my toast after I scrapped off the burn, and yes, I am eating off a plate that looks like pepperoni and olive pizza. When you have a 10 year old sister-in-law you end up with some strange presents.

Now Johnny has made me put on the Bruins game since they're playing in the finals and all. I don't particularly care about this game because even if they lose they are a lot more games to come. I think I'll do the dishes and try to get to bed before 10:30. Hopefully the pain in my tongue won't keep me up!

ps - tomorrow I plan on posting my workout goals for May. I'm hoping it will keep me more accountable than I've been recently.

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