Monday, May 23, 2011

Back to the Grind

I am not a huge fan on Mondays. I think it's because I sleep in on Sundays and then can't fall asleep on Sunday night, making Monday far less fun.

That being said, today was actually a pretty good day. I was busy at work, which made the day go by quickly, I did some shopping on the way home, and busted my butt at spin class. Dinner was pretty sad though. As I've said many times, I am not the cook in the house, and with Johnny still in New Mexico, I could only manage an Egg Beater omlete and an english muffin for dinner.

Oh well! We can't all be Julia Child, now can we?

I shopped this afternoon for baby stuff, and oh my gosh is it cute. I was in VT this weekend for the hubs' cousin's wife baby shower, and you'd think I'd be baby-ed out, but oh no, I'm totally in love with their unborn baby (I know I'm a freak, don't worry). AL is the first friend of mine to have a baby, so I got totally into it. For the shower we gave them Red Sox onesies (of course), and a travel high chair. It was a fun weekend and a fun shower, but AL was slightly upset about the lack of "I love Mommy" stuff. They got SO many things that said "Daddy's Girl" or "I love my Daddy" that AL was feeling left out. We were told by a shower goer that Target was full of Mommy stuff, but since VT doesn't have Target, I took it upon myself to go this afternoon. And let me tell was a GOLD MINE.

The giraffes are from Old Navy, but that was the ONLY one there. I was glad to snag it to add it to the pile. I may also have purchased a few (read: several) other things that were too cute to resist. Like these guys:

I LOVE that the cousins are having a baby who I will love oh so much and can buy clothes for. Because now I don't have to have one :)

Enough about babies! This weekend I did do some things that fit into the realm of healthy living. On Friday, before I started my day working from home, I busted out a pretty sweet three mile run. Mile two was about a minute slower than mile one or three, but some days that just happens. It was SO humid and nasty at 7am though, that I came home looking like a hot pink sweaty beast.

It doesn't help that the hat I wear running most days is the same color pink as my face.

And yes, that's my ID in the hat. My favorite pair of capris doesn't have a pocket in them, and I don't want to run without some form of ID (just in case) so into the hat it goes! Good thing those bad boys are plastic!

And yesterday I went to yoga! It was wonderful again, and although I am SORE today (especially in my shoulders) it felt amazing to get such a good stretch in! I also purchased some new shoes! As I mentioned before, I've been in the market for something to wear day-to-day instead of my running shoes. I love my Asics, but I wanted something a little cuter and lighter for walking to and from yoga, to spin in, and just kind of everyday stuff. After the BFF helped me with some online research last week, I stopped in the Puma store on Newbury street last night and walked out with these puppies.

These are the Puma Faas 300. They're SO light it's insane, and they PINK! I love pink! They felt great walking around last night and this evening, but I have to say, they weren't great for spin. I have an achy arch in my right foot to begin with, and because this shoe lacks a thick sole, I felt the petal pushing into my arch all class. It wasn't really painful, but it wasn't really pleasant either. I have 30 days to return them if I want to, so we'll see, but I may just have to get real spin shoes too. I'm sure Johnny would be SO happy if he came home from vacation and I had purchased a couple hundred dollars worth of shoes :)

Now it's off to bed...I should do the dishes in the sink that have been gather since Johnny left on Thursday, but I'd rather sleep. They can wait until tomorrow when I have to stay up past 10:30pm to pick Johnny up from the airport!

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