Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mini Update

Just a mini update with some random thoughts (sans photos unfortunately):

1. I do not enjoy egg whites. I know that they are a great source of protein but they are so rubbery. I've tried adding flavorful, fresh pico de gallo but I cannot get over that texture. Is there something healthy I can add to help me eat them??

2. I should have taken a photo of me after eating another batch of those pumpkin-oatmeal pancakes. I'm sure the miserable feeling I was experiencing would have been very apparent in the photo and then serve as an excellent reminder that oatmeal does not like me.

3. My trainer is amazing. She put me through a tough, full-body, circuit work out and was nothing but encouraging and helpful.

4. I have my first post-ankle injury race this weekend- the "Will Run for Wine" 5k. It won't be my fastest race and I probably won't run every step of it but that's okay.

5. I have to drink 3 glasses of water at each meal. After my 12 pm meal I filled a 24 oz water bottle and sipped on it on my way to my work. I ended up having 3 meetings back to back with not a minute left to use the restroom. I thought I was going to pee in the car (that was not mine).

I'll blog more later, hope you're having a great Thursday!

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