Friday, May 20, 2011

Jay has travelled to Taos, NM for business and firefighting but never had the chance to explore the town, he's mentioned that this was something he wanted to do with me one day. So for his birthday this year I bought him a 2 nights stay at the Dreamcatcher Bed and Breakfast in Taos, NM. I was a bit nervous because I've never been to Taos and booked the trip online. Thankfully, the B&B was so cute!!

Our room was so quaint and cozy- the fireplace was used because it was so cold!Yep that's Jay's butt sneaking into my photo. On our first morning at the B&B, after a delicious, homemade b-fast, we enjoyed a quick mile run around the area. I love to run when I travel because it allows me to take a longer, better look at the scenery that I might miss driving in a car. Later that day we decided to walk the short distance (~.75-1 mile) into the plaza area and check out some local shops and a brewery.Alright so we may not have turned into dainty and mean giants but we did enjoy a taster tray to start. It was clearly the weekend for BFFs enjoying tasters in baking trays, right?? On Sunday we took a trip out to the gorge, it was incredible! I can't begin to imagine what it would be like to visit the Grand Canyon. Afterwards we stopped by an Earthship community for a quick tour. I must admit, when I first heard about these from a trainer, I thought he was talking about a spaceship. Glad I asked for a clarification because these things are amazing!! Can you imagine living in a place that you build yourself from recycled materials and having no utility bills? Love it! After our 2.5-3 hour drive, we picked up our pup from the kennel and headed home to tend to our garden.

Like I mentioned, it has been really cold here - our garden is having a hard time growing! This year we are planting tomatoes, squash, jalapenos, green chilie, bell peppers and mint! The mint plant seems to be loving this cold weather. Oh, and guess who was groomed at the kennel during her vacation? Yeah, those are hot pink zebra striped bows in her hair!

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