Sunday, March 6, 2011

I survived!

I'm posting, so that means I survived the run with my sister! It actually wasn't THAT bad. She stayed with me at my nice and pleasant pace and only forced me to run really fast at the end. It was really nice to run with's not something we've ever done before. It feels great to be in a place where I actually can.

Tonight I'm home by myself. The hubs is at a special viewing of Red State, directed by Kevin Smith. Sooo when I have to cook dinner for myself, I get really fancy.

Oh yes, that's the bottom of a container of Greek yogurt, some peanut butter, a peach and a banana. It was DELICIOUS and ready in about a minute. I'm clearly a 5-star chef.

I enjoyed the weekend though. I got to spend some time with my gram, and we went to my Dad's for dinner. I haven't seen him since just after the new year, so it was great to see him. My gram made beef stew and my Dad picked the wine. He's a professional wine consultant, so he knows his stuff...and was showing off his new wine atlas.

He and his wife also showed off their new dog...

My dad's wife is little, but she LOVES big dogs. Lilah is 80lbs! And she's only a year old! I was surprised at how big she is! To give you a little perspective, this is her with my dad...who is about 6 feet tall.

I'm hoping that this week, being week two at the new job, will be a bit more normal. Last week I didn't get to the gym. I went Sunday, and then I ran yesterday with my sister, but I couldn't get there the rest of the week. I was EXHAUSTED by the time I got home. It takes a lot to train for a new position...and I have to commute to work now, so I spend a lot of time in the car.

But hopefully this week will be better. I know what to expect and I think I'm ready to take it on. I'm looking forward to trying a new gym too (same sports club, different location), and getting in a sweatier week!

ps- I like pink.

tumbler, coffee cup, phone, head phones, and sun glasses case. obsessed much?
pps- I was interviewed by the Boston Globe about how having a husband who is not on a diet affects my on personal weight loss! I'm not sure when the story is coming out, but I'll post if for sure!

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