Saturday, April 30, 2011

No Shower Saturday

I almost made it all day today without showering. When I got up this morning I decided I'd wait to shower until after my run, but once I was back my dad was here and my sister showed up, and it never happened. I almost went right to bed, but I couldn't stand the thought of sleeping out at least rising off. So here I am freshly showered, going to bed with wet hair.

I know, the wet hair, no make-up, glasses look is super hot. I try to show this look off as much as possible. ;)

As you may notice from my ability to blog with pictures, the hubs did pull through and brought my forgotten items. I didn't get to wear my flipflops today, because it never really was sunny or that warm, but tomorrow is another day! And I did get to run with my Garmin, and my new running buddy!

Oh yes! I took the polar bear for a run! We should really call it a slow jog though. She did well with the pace, but my sister also tagged along, and she has a stomach bug and was wearing jeans, so we didn't do a whole lot of running. It was fine with me though. We got out and got some exercise, and I still have fresh legs for a "long" run tomorrow.

It's been an eventful (read: not at all exciting) weekend here. We went to a funeral service this morning and hung out this afternoon. It was nice to see so much of my dad, as I don't always get to see him when I come home (he often works weekends). Once everyone left, my g-ma and I entertained ourselves with a puzzle. I know it's so old lady, but I love doing puzzles. As you know, this is not my first go at the puzzle rodeo.

It's almost midnight, so I'm off to bed. Fun fact about when I stay at my g-ma's: I have to sleep in a twin bed. No actually a big deal, but when the hubs is down here for the weekend too, we become Lucy and Ricky. A queen bed would be far too modern for my old fashioned g-ma! ;)

Happy (almost) May Day! I cannot believe that April is over already! Where did it go???

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