Friday, April 29, 2011

Forget About it!

It's Friday and tonight after work I'm heading down to my Gramma's again. This weekend is not so fun a trip, as we have to go to a memorial service for a friend's mother, but it's nonetheless another weekend I can enjoy with my Gram!

Unfortunately, I completely forgot to pack a couple items. I blame it on the fact that I was enthralled by the royal wedding this morning and ended up having to very quickly rush out the door!

I'm hoping the hubs will be stopping at the apartment before he heads down for the weekend because I'm in need of my things!

I forgot the following:

1. My Garmin! How could I?! I know I know, it's horrible. I *just* got it and I already forget to use it.

2. My flipflops! It's supposed to be GREAT weather this weekend, and I most definitely don't want to spend the whole time in real shoes! That would be awful when the sun will be shining!

3. My camera cord. How on earth can I add pictures to the blog if I don't have a cord!

I'm reallyyyyy hoping that I will actually have these things because I have an awesome husband...but he is at work too, so hopefully he has the time to stop!

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