Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Run Day

Today I ran a personal long distance. It may not seem like much to most people (even the amazing marathon-running bff), but for me, it was a lot. Today I finished a 3.5 mile run! It felt really good, and I was exhausted at the end.

Awesome picture of me, I know. It was an awesome run, and I kept up my normal pace throughout the run. Do I think I could have kept going? Yes. Another 1/2 a mile was definitely in there, but I want to ease on up in the miles (and I signed up for spin tomorrow, so I can't get too crazy).

I ran near my gma's house on the bike path. Fun fact: the summer before junior and senior years of high school I worked at a summer camp. I didn't have a car, so I'd walk from my house to camp along the bike path to avoid walking along a main road. When I made that walk, the whole thing looked like this:

Today, that's only a small portion of the path in my hometown. The rest is nice and paved, and runs into and through the entirety of the next town (my gma's town).

I really like running here when I'm home, and today there were lots of people out. It's nice to see people making good use of it, since it was a huge tax-payer fuss back in the day.

I spent a good amount of time outside today, and it was awesome. Before I even went running, I sat outside with my coffee and the Sunday funnies. I couldn't sit inside and waste precious hours of warm sun!

After my run I did a quick change (shower included! woo!) and headed out to meet my friend Emma for chai tea. We have a tradition of getting chai tea from the coffee shop where we both used to work and talking for hours on end. Today was no different! She also convinced me to sign up for another 5k! On Sunday (yes, this Sunday) I'll be running the Tiara Classic 5k Mother's Day Road Race. It starts and ends at my favorite ice cream place back home AND you get a hot pink t-shirt. I was pretty easily sold. I have never run in my home town before (my family left the town long before I started running like I liked it), so it should be fun!

Now if I can just make it through the week...

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