Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday

I'm going to do a Triple Tangent Tuesday a la Hungry Runner Girl, but first, banana frozen yogurt!

So I've been reading around the blogosphere that you can make "froyo" from just frozen bananas. Since I'm a calorie saver, I figure I'd try it out. We had a banana already in the freezer, so the hubs did the dirty work of peeling it (we froze it a while ago, and now we know to peel them first).

That one frozen banana went into the food processor and after a couple minutes (our food processor is OLD...a new one might be in our near future), we most definitely had something that resembled frozen yogurt!

And it was pretty darn delicious to boot. It had a really strong banana flavor (obvi) but I added some chocolate chips and peanut butter Puffins and toppers and was quite pleased with my dessert. We'll definitely be revisiting this one again (unlike the dessert hummus).

SOO! On to my tangents (even though I'm pretty sure all my entries are just tangents anyway!)

1. I am a middle child. I have an older sister and a younger brother. I don't look all that much like my sister, but with my brother next to us, we are clearly all three related. I used to fight with my sister so much that my mom slept on the couch for two years so my sister and I wouldn't have to share a room (my mom is amazing, duh). Now she's one of my best friends and I live less than three blocks away from her. My brother is graduating from college in May and is thinking about moving to Boston. That would be amazing because it would be the first time we all lived in the same city since 2001.

2. I don't care for cantelope or english muffins because of how they smell. I like how both things taste, but the smell gets me first and I can't eat them. If someone else toasts my english muffin for me, I'm all set...that one just has a weird yeast smell pre-toaster that I can't handle. I am also very picky about carrots...raw baby ones are about the only way I'll eat them...or in soup if they are mushy enough. (and on a random note...the bff and I have the same food allergies AND she's the middle child too!)

3. I don't like to cook, but I LOVE baking. I mostly enjoy making cakes and cupcakes, but any kind of baked deliciousness will do. I like making bread a lot too, and when I was younger I told my father I wanted to get married so that I could register for a bread maker. He told me not to get married, and that he would buy me a bread maker haha. Well needless to say I didn't get married back them, but I'm married now and I still don't have a bread maker! :)

Well! That's my tangent for Tuesday! I'm headed to sleep in hopes of dragging myself out of bed early enough for a morning workout!

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  1. That banana frozen yogurt looks AMAZING!! Yay for middle children! Girl, you are gorgeous! I would so much rather bake than cook!! LOVE that you did TTT!