Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Friday

First off, I want to thank the bff for posting such an awesome picture yesterday. I love those very friends she's talking about, and I always love seeing pictures of my wedding!

Second of all, today was my Friday...mean it was the last day of work for the week. YES. I love Fridays...especially when it's not even really Friday yet, and the real one is yet to come! Unfortunately my morning looked like this:

We got somewhere around 8 inches on top of all the already there snow. I'm most definitely over it (and the sidewalk not being shoveled! I needed snowshoes to get to work today).

Tonight Johnny (the hubs) and I tried The Wannabe Chef's Snickerdoodle Hummus. Our EXTREMELY small food processor didn't cut it. We had to do it in two batches, and I'm not sure the chick peas got blended well enough. It's good, but we're not 100% in love. We both think it would make a great yogurt mix-in or maybe a waffle topper. I dipped apples in, which was really good, but a little too heavy after my awesome turkey brie sandwich (from the bar next deserves a post on it's on. Someday).

Now I've got to pack. I'm off bright and early (read: crack of dawn) to New York! I'm so excited. And Johnny is too...something about spending the weekend sitting in his boxers and eating steak...

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