Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Not So New News

I do declare it has been far too long since I've blogged!

As you can imagine, my exercise level has reduced substantially! I've been able to lift weights, work my abs and am perfecting a 2 armed-1 legged push up (I'll post a pic of that not so graceful pose soon!). I'm also trying to figure out ways I can use my TRX (t-rex! grr!) without putting so much weight and movement on my still swollen and aching ankle. I was using the T-Rex ( about 3 times a week prior to my injury and I loved how it gave me a full body workout even though I only did a handful of different exercises. I've been told Youtube has some great ideas, I'll have to scope it out and share them with you!

Monday night we made the most amazing fish tacos! Yum! We simply grilled some salmon, heated up some corn tortillas and whipped up a fresh batch of grilled pineapple salsa. Unfortunately, we gobbled them up before I even thought to snap a photo. Fear not, they'll be back on our menu soon so there will be a picture. In other news, I had to take Chaca to the vet yesterday for a vaccine update- they found some plaque on her teeth and it was enough that I have to have her scheduled for a full teeth cleaning. I didn't realize how much is involved with a puppy teeth cleaning, they have to put her under anesthesia! I feel like a terrible mom! I try to brush her teeth and give her treats that clean, but I guess given her genes, it's just not enough.

In between working out and making a protein shake for lunch, I put some chicken in the crock pot with a little dash of seasoning for crock pot fajitas tonight. We have a basketball game tonight so dinner will have to be a little earlier than usual. Maybe I might save a little room to enjoy one of those amazing smores at the game.

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