Monday, March 17, 2014

Big News & A Redo

My complete return to the tri training schedule did not go as planned.  This move has turned out to be more than I anticipated so training took a backseat again. I did manage to squeeze in this TRX workout, a 2 mile run and a lot more cleaning, lifting of heavy boxes and gardening. It counts, right?  

Overall this move was exciting and my favorite one! Six months into our relationship, Jason and I decided that after we got married we’d want to live permanently in my hometown of El Paso, TX. July 2012 we started to put our plan into motion, July 2013 Jay took a job in Texas (leaving me and the pooch in Albuquerque) and November 2013 I was able to relocate too. This month we were able to move into a place with a little more space and plan on staying here for a while!!

In preparation for this move, we had to get rid of a lot of things, declutter (this mostly affected me...) and put a lot of things in storage. Including most of our wedding gifts! Now that we have space and are settled into a place we’ll be at for a while, we’ve been able to pull everything out of storage  (oh how I missed having more than 3 pairs of shoes!). We’ve already held our first carne asada (bbq!) and it was so much fun to host in our home. Considering that we lived apart for 4 of our first 12 months of marriage, it feels like we're settling into our home life for the first time. I’m calling it the honeymoon/newlywed phase re-do! This is a phase that I looked forward to and am happy to finally fully experience.

Aside from not having to unpack, I am looking forward to a week full of running, biking and swimming!

What are you looking forward to this week?


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