Monday, February 17, 2014

California Dreaming...

I'm back in Boston after 12 glorious days in California. It's freezing and we're preparing for yet another snow storm tomorrow (I missed two or maybe three while I was gone). It's not exactly what I wanted to come home to, but all good things must come to an end...including weather.

So let's recap the rest of Week 2 and Southern California and the beginning of Week 3 and Northern California...

After my nana swim class, I took another new class at the Y, which is also filled with nanas. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a nana. I love my Gram most than almost anyone in the world. But I don't generally think exercising with them is going to be my thing. Well Nana Class Part 2 was actually pretty killer. I did a barre class which was torture on my legs and those ladies held their own. I was super impressed. It was definitely slow paced and not exactly what a real barre class is like, I'd imagine, but for someone who had never done it before, it was a good intro into what it would be like.

it hurt so good.
Barre class was my fourth workout of the week. My 5th was a walk with my mom...I might only consider it a half because we didn't walk all that far or fast, but it was some movement.

On Saturday, I left my mom and the warm warm wonderful sun of Southern California for my husband and the mostly warm mostly sun of San Francisco. He's there for work, so I planned my trip so I could spend a couple days with him there en route back to Boston.

Fun Fact: This is our second time meeting in the San Francisco airport in less than four months. Back in October, he was headed out there for work and I was headed home from Australia. We landed in SFO about 10 minutes apart, so we spend my hour and a half connection together before he headed out to work and I headed home. This time, we also landed about 10 minutes apart, but we got to leave the airport together.

SFO October 2013
SFO February 2014

After we got into the city and dropped our bags, we started walking around. We were planning on heading toward Fisherman's Wharf to see the Golden Gate bridge, but when we got to the cable car stop, there was a sign informing us that the Chinese New Year Parade had stopped the running of the cable car. Instead of try to figure out the cab situation or walk a million hills, we just decided to enjoy the parade and some great Asian food in Chinatown instead.

Happy New Year!

Sunday was also a day of lots and lots of walking. We finally made it to Fisherman's Wharf via the cable car, and I finally saw the bridge (this is was my third time and San Fran and only my first time seeing anything besides the convention center). The weather was absolutely perfect, so we took full advantage and walked along the water and enjoyed the views.

The Rock

Golden Gate Bridge

So my Week Three, which is "Maddie Cooks" week started with my traveling and therefore I have not made so much as a cup of coffee yet, but now that I'm home and the hubs is not, it means I have to cook (especially because I ate the last of our cereal for dinner tonight). This weekend was definitely my most unhealthy eating since I started this challenge, but a weekend away with Johnny is about as rare as it gets, so I tried not to worry too much about it. I walked a lot and I wrote everything down as planned, so I'll count those in the win column and start planning for the rest of the week. 

Any good suggestions for what a gal like me...who doesn't like to cook at all and isn't particularly good at it...should make this week?


  1. The two items I'm looking forward to eating this week are 1) Buffalo Chicken. Boiled chicken (made in the crockpot all afternoon) + Frank's Buffalo sauce + Swiss cheese. Easy but such a treat. And B) That potato soup recipe you sent me a while ago. I thought buying a 10# sack of potatoes for <$2 was a good idea at the time. #SoManyTaters Happy Cooking!

  2. Basically my favorite show ever is The Chew, I watch it on my hulu (free) and am always trying their recipes.