Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sweaty Run & Mushy Stuff

Here is last night’s very sweaty workout:

5 Minute Walk/Jog Warm Up
2 Minute Jog
1 Minute Sprint
Repeating the 2/1 Minute Segments for 35 Minutes
5 Minute Jog/Walk Cool Down

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s fun to think about my favorite past celebrations. In college, the best way was to wait until Feb. 15th, pile into a car with my girlfriends and visit the nearest Walgreens for ½ priced candy.  Romantically, I think my favorite was the first Valentine’s Day Jay and I celebrated together. I had spent the week leading up to and including part of the 14th out of town. Before I left town, I had created a treasure hunt of clues and little treats (bags of chocolate, a homemade XOXO tic tac toe magnet set, etc.) all around his house. On the morning of the 14th, I called him and told him where the first clue was hidden. He really seemed to enjoy the thought and effort I put into the gift and it made our being apart a little easier. Due to a little mix up with the airline company I almost didn’t have a flight back to Albuquerque, however, after a run through an airport, some tears and a lot of anxiety I did make it back home. Jay made reservations for us to eat in the wine loft of the Slate Street Cafe (highly recommend it) where we leisurely shared a cheese plate, amazing wine and entrees.  After such a hectic week and freak-out when I thought I’d miss our first Valentine’s Day, it was such a treat to enjoy a meal and so much conversation. We spent the rest of the night enjoying the world’s most ridiculously delicious chocolate covered strawberries (made by a donut shop?!) with a little TV and our pjs.

My Valentine
Reflecting on my favorite elements of my favorite Valentine’s Day- a leisurely meal, conversation and comfy pjs- I knew just what we should do this year. Our plan this year is to cook dinner and dessert at home; Jay will be taking on dessert and I’ll be handling dinner. The one rule is that it can’t be something we’ve made before, so I guess Valentine’s Day meatloaf, veggie chili or fish tacos are out of the question…drats! I was hoping I’d pick dessert because I had so many fun ideas in mind and I just love to bake. I’m looking forward to the challenge and the surprise that awaits on the 14th 
Of course I’ll be picking up a treat for my other Valentine:

My Furry Valentine

What is everyone else planning for the 14th? Favorite or least favorite Valentine’s Day?

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