Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Sore Sunday

The weekend just flew right by!

I opted for a rest day on Friday but was up bright and early Saturday to get my 600m swim done. I hadn’t realized just how sore my arms were from my circuit workout earlier in the week until I was swimming. Ouch! Following the swim, I helped out with some yard work. Yard work = workout #2! My body was so worn out that despite my excitement, I didn’t even make it through Melissa McCarthy’s SNL monologue. We are currently without a DVR so I’m going to have to be old fashioned and wait until they rerun it. Or it ends up on Netflix.

Knowing we had a day of football and indulgences, the hubs, my dad and I took off on a forty-five minute bike ride. I had considered not going on the ride because my legs were sore from Saturday’s work but I’m very glad I did. If anything, I think the ride helped loosen my tight muscles a bit. The rest of the day was spent eating fajitas, shrimp cocktail and drinking beer.

The hubs decided to bring his favorite beer mug to the Super Bowl party because he felt it was only right to honor a team that came so close to making it to the big game. He’s a good sport and doesn’t mind my jokes about the Buccaneers too much. 

Go Sox!
I’ve been thinking for years about picking an NFL team to follow and everyone has been telling me that I need to pick one, esp. because the hubs is very into it. This year I finally narrowed it down between the Seahawks (mostly because I love that bright green…) and the Saints (I love NOLA). Before their playoff game, I announced to my family that whoever lost was going to be my team. Saints lost and it was decided. Or so I thought. Minutes before the game even ended, I received multiple texts about how I shouldn’t root for the Saints for a number of odd and unconvincing reasons. The real reason? Saints are apparently the Buccaneers division (is that even the right word?) rival and my family is apparently (and in the cutest/funniest way) team “Jason”. I think the household rivalry will be fun and if it means I finally watch a full game and get into football, I think we all win. Especially the hubs!

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    You don't need to pay to watch, and you can just do clips of the show if you like. I basically spend all my time on Hulu watching the Bachelor.