Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Workouts Where I Left Off

I took a break from social media and the blog last week to focus on an exam. I’m happy to report that it went well and I’m back here to give you an update of my past week.

Despite a rigorous study schedule, I did make time to squeeze in workouts. I just know that I’m able to focus and keep calm much better during stressful times if I just exercise, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. Here’s what I got done, since my last update:

Friday: Barre Style class. I was inspired by my blogging partner to try something new. Like Maddie, my experience with this class was not at all what I expected from a barre class. This class focused a lot on strength training but through squat jumps, exercise balls and some P90x style moves. Also, there was not an actual use of a “barre”. The instructor was a bit on the bootcamp style of teaching which was scary at first but when I realized she was actually very nice, I chilled out and was able to enjoy the class. The last 10 minutes of the class were spent Zumba-ing with weights; I am not a Zumba kind of girl (read: no rhythm) and this was probably the most painful part of the class for me. Overall, it was not what I expected but if I just think of it as a strength training class, I’m okay with it and probably will try it again.

Saturday: Biked 18 miles.

Sunday: Rested.

Monday: 50 Minute Spin Session.

Tuesday: 50 Sit Ups & 50 Push Ups

Wednesday: 50 Sit Ups & 50 Push Ups

Thursday: 35 Minute Run

Friday: Run around like a crazy person getting ready for Valentine's because I hadn’t done everything yet!

Saturday: Terrible 4 mile run. Will need to redo this one soon.

Sunday: Rest.

Monday: Rest. I really didn’t need rest, I was mostly just lazy. I’ll be working out tonight, no doubt.

I owe you a recap of my Valentine’s Day dinner, our plan was a success! For now, I need to go look up a good swim workout.
Happy National Drink Wine Day!

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