Thursday, January 30, 2014


Today’s workout was another run. Before the sun came up, the hubs and I conquered 4 hilly miles. We must’ve run past a bakery along the way because we caught a whiff of delicious cookies. The run left my stomach feeling off so I just had a glass of veggie/fruit juice for breakfast and made sure to pack some filling snacks for the late morning, when I knew my hunger would strike. I’m always looking for new snack ideas so if you do too, here are my favs as of lately:

*Small handful of nut mix (mine has peanuts, cashews, pistachios and almonds) + a pinch of plain M&Ms. Sure does help me fight any big sweet tooth cravings.
*Raw Broccoli + Olive Hummus. The amount of garlic or olive hummus that I’d like to eat is ridiculous, I had to stop buying the “Family Size” because I was eating more and fast, no cost savings. I love eating garlic parmesan pita chips with the garlic hummus – so much garlic, so few vampires.

*Cuties. Refreshing, sweet and so tiny.

* TJ Rice Cracker Mix. Love that seaweed flavor.

* Edamame with a dash of salt and lots of pepper or garlic powder.
Does anybody have some good dairy and oat free breakfast ideas? I can’t eat either and hard boiled eggs are starting to get old.


  1. Smoothies! I'm loving them these days. Frozen fruit, protein powder and some almond milk!

    1. Great idea, I love smoothies!! I wonder what's available for the non-lactose girl...possible blog topic later!

  2. Not so much because it is a great breakfast, but because I just find it delicious and have it for sauce!